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Column: Why i’m starting to dislike the DTM

Author: David van den Boom, Twitter: (@David__VDB)

Now i have been following this series since the season finale of tthe 2007 season, were Ekström and Spengler were battling for the title.

That’s were i was starting to begin my interese for the DTM and watched the full 2008 season and i watched the other season afterwards.

So yeah you can call me a longtime DTM fan, who even visited the Nürburgring race there since 2010.

Don’t forget this is my opinion, i’m sure there are some people who disagree. Please share your opinion in the comment section.

So now i’m going to say what’s wrong with the DTM nowadays and why it’s going in the wrong diretcion.

1. Stupid rules/decisions

Some of the stewards nowadays for example in F1 or GP2 are really wrong with their penalty desicions.

But the DTM stewards are actually the best in making stupid and just wrong decisions. For example, Spengler this year at the Lausitzring, were he showed the middle finger to Ekström, after they had hard side by side contact racing at the last lap of the last corner.

So Spengler just expressed his anger to Ekström and Ekström was making fun of him afterwards in a interview.

But of course the DMSB (organisation of the DTM) overreacted and gave Spengler 10,000  euro fine for giving Ekström the middle finger.

20 years ago, even 10 years ago were the ”new” DTM started they wouldn’t do anything about it and say that’s OK.

And of course the ridiculous blue flag rules at the Norisring this year.

Rockenfeller and Paffet had newer, better tires than the others ahead of them, for some reason the ITR (Race Control) said that it would be ok if you give the others who are ahead of Rockenfeller and Paffet blue flags so Rockenfeller and Paffet don’t damage their new tires, and get held up.

They were all even on the same lap???

So of course you as a motorsport fan would think, why the f*** would do that???

Not even the race control from F1 would be pathetic enough to think about something like this.

And of course the thing with the water bottle and Ekström and i won’t say much about it, because that’s really over the top.

Ekström didnt gained an advantage, the team didn’t gained advantage. But they outcast the Parc Ferme rules and got DSQ’d.

And then saying afterwards that there’s no race winner and Wickens stays 2nd. You would just think like this….


2. Why globalise it?

DTM- Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters/ German Touring Car Championship.

So you would think like the BTCC their racing only on circuits on their own country, namely Germany and everybody would be happy.

But no here comes the DMSB again and says that you should globalise the hell out of it.

Going to Moscow and then to Shanghai next year, doing the US-DTM in 2015.

Guys, guys why the hell are you doing that when it’s still called DTM???

If manufactures want to showcase their roadcars on race circuits on all over the world then you can go to the WTCC.


I mean look at BMW in the DTM, do you really think BMW came back just because everybody wanted that and there were new rules coming in 2012?

No, because they hope that the DTM becomes a 2nd WTCC, just even more expensive and with less cars on the grid than the original WTCC.

So BMW is making pressure on the DMSB to compete in countries were nobody gives a s*** about the DTM anyway (China, Russia, USA etc).

And you know that the Super GT (much better) will have the same rules as the DTM in 2014.

So of course the DMSB is hoping that Nissan, Honda and Lexus (actually Toyota) will come with cars that can be raced in Europe.


And guess what? Yep, of course all three manufactures didn’t give a f*** about the DTM,

Nissan will built the next generation GT-R, Lexus will bring the LFA and Honda will bring the next-gen NSX and you couldn’t race those cars against M3’s, RS5’s or C-Classes forget it.

I just don’t hope that the GT500 cars are going to have DRS and option tires and all this crap, because as you can see in the latest race of the Super GT 2013 season, they don’t need it at all!!!!

3. Trying to be the F1 of Touring Cars

So these are Touring cars, you wouldn’t expect much of aerodynamics and more looking like the roadcars as you can see in WTCC and

BTCC or V8 Supercars, those are real Touring cars and deserve that name.

But in the DTM… just look at the comparison between a road M3 E92 Coupe and a M3 Coupe DTM.



And you call that a touring car?

I don’t think so, it looks more like a prototype.

Despite the looks of those DTM cars, all other parts have nothing to do with the roadcars what you don’t call a touring car.

And because of the aerodynamics of the cars, the DMSB was finding it a good idea to bring DRS and option tires to the DTM.


So well the DRS doesn’t really bring anything despite Hockenheim and Spielberg, in all the other the races the DRS system didn’t showed any advantage for the driver  behind his opponnent.

Those cars are just to slow, so the DRS system can work how it should work, it works in F1, but not here.

And the option tires…… as I was never a fan from the Pirelli tires in F1 and how carefull the F1 drivers had to drive on them to keep them alive, my opinion on the option tires in the DTM is pretty much the same.

You don’t need this in a touring car series, oh wait, why am i even calling this a touring car series?

4. How the DTM should be

– merge together with the dying ADAC Procar and doing the same rules as the ones used in the WTCC

– make two sprint races on Sunday, not just one long race, like it’s now

– no DRS, no option tires, no pitstops

– racing only in Germany, we have enough tracks were the DTM doesn’t race

– how the calendar should be:

1. Hockenheimring

2. Euro Speedway

3. Norisring

4. Oschersleben

5. Sachsenring

6. Nürburgring

7. Berlin-Tempelhof  (same weekend with the Formula E)

8.  Sachsenring

9. Bilster Berg (when stands are build, so maybe 2015?)

10. Hockenheimring

– teams from WTCC/BTCC can also race in the DTM and the other way

But hey, it won’t happen anyway 😦

Citroen C-Elysée WTCC 2014 first track shakedown video

Note: The engine used in this car is the 1.6 litre turbo engine from the Citroen DS3 WRC car, engine and car sound aren’t final yet.

WTCC: Underdogs Nykjaer and Oriola won in Marrakesch

Race 1: Nykjaer with his very first win of his career


Gabrielle Tarquini was standing on Pole ahead of Nash and Muller.

Tarquini made a good start and could stay in the front, but Nykjaer had the best start and overtoke Nash after Turn 2 for 2nd Position. Bennani got spun by Engstler at Turn 2.

Nykjaer and Nash were following Tarquini closely for the lead.

Meanwhile Chilton had problems with his car and had to retire from Race 1.

But then Tarquini’s teammate Tiago Monteiro was hitting the Marrakesch wall for the 2nd time this weekend.

He caused the Safety Car.

Tarquini meanwhile lost the lead to Nykjaer due a mistake from him on the final chicane.

After the Safety Car period, Nykjaer was leading the race till the end and won his first WTCC race.

2nd was Tarquini ahead of Nash,  4th was Muller, Thompson got his Lada on 10th.

1 17 M. Nykjaer Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 28:51.561 13
2 3 G. Tarquini Honda Civic 0.566 13
3 14 J. Nash Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 1.612 1.046 13
4 12 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2.224 0.612 13
5 1 R. Huff SEAT Leon WTCC 2.248 0.024 13
6 9 A. MacDowall Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2.476 0.228 13
7 38 M. Basseng SEAT Leon WTCC 3.201 0.725 13
8 74 P. Oriola SEAT Leon WTCC 3.565 0.364 13
9 15 T. Coronel BMW 320 TC 5.270 1.705 13
10 10 J. Thompson Lada Granta 5.881 0.611 13
11 19 F. Monje SEAT Leon WTCC 7.078 1.197 13
12 55 D. O’Young BMW 320 TC 7.879 0.801 13
13 73 F. Barth BMW 320 TC 8.485 0.606 13
14 7 C. Ng BMW 320 TC 9.298 0.813 13
15 37 R. Münnich SEAT Leon WTCC 14.192 4.894 13
16 8 M. Koslowskii Lada Granta 15.333 1.141 13
17 6 F. Engstler BMW 320 TC 33.246 17.913 13
18 25 M. Bennani BMW 320 TC 1 Runde 12
DNF 18 T. Monteiro Honda Civic 5
DNF 5 N. Michelisz Honda Civic 5
DNF 23 T. Chilton Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 5
DNF 26 S. D’Aste BMW 320 TC 1


Race 2: Oriola makes the drive of the weekend


Fernando Monje was on Pole ahead of Oriola and Basseng. Monje was having a good start to the race, but he lost the lead after Turn 4 to Oriola.

Huff had a great start to the race and was on a overtake on Monje for 2nd, but he braked to late, made contact and destroyed his suspension, he had to retire.

Monje was falling down the oder and was passed by Thompsons Lada.

Monje was so aggressive that he braked 50 metres later than “Thomo” and smashed the back of the Lada.

“Thomo” was not very pleased.

Oriola meanwhile tried everything to keep his lead against Muller and Chilton who gave big pressure to him.

Chilton tried even a pass on his teammate Muller, but it failed and he lost time.

The field was close together for many laps.

But then Tarquini crashed on the final chicane, the same chicane were Monteiro crashed in Quali.

The Safety Car was out and at this moment there were only 3 laps to go.

Everybody thought that the race will end under the SC, but the SC came in before the last lap.

So it was a showdown between Oriola and Muller. But Oriola kept it cool and won his first WTCC race of his career.

2nd Muller, 3rd Chilton.

1 74 P. Oriola SEAT Leon WTCC 28:08.751 13
2 12 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 0.430 13
3 23 T. Chilton Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 0.677 0.247 13
4 14 J. Nash Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 0.948 0.271 13
5 38 M. Basseng SEAT Leon WTCC 1.808 0.860 13
6 15 T. Coronel BMW 320 TC 2.028 0.220 13
7 17 M. Nykjaer Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2.326 0.298 13
8 6 F. Engstler BMW 320 TC 4.377 2.051 13
9 55 D. O’Young BMW 320 TC 4.889 0.512 13
10 7 C. Ng BMW 320 TC 6.273 1.384 13
11 25 M. Bennani BMW 320 TC 6.349 0.076 13
12 73 F. Barth BMW 320 TC 6.385 0.036 13
13 8 M. Koslowskii Lada Granta 7.037 0.652 13
14 26 S. D’Aste BMW 320 TC 7.698 0.661 13
15 5 N. Michelisz Honda Civic 4 Runden 9
DNF 3 G. Tarquini Honda Civic 7
DNF 9 A. MacDowall Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 7
DNF 37 R. Münnich SEAT Leon WTCC 3
DNF 1 R. Huff SEAT Leon WTCC 1
DNF 10 J. Thompson Lada Granta 1
DNF 19 F. Monje SEAT Leon WTCC 1


Official: DTM cooperating with the USCR in 2015

The DTM wants to be more global, not more a european series like it has been for years.

Ok, they raced twice in Shanghai, but this races weren’t really good and the chinese people as we know don’t give attention to motorsport.

So after the the cooperation with the Super-GT for 2014, the ITR and IMSA have decided today to do a cooperation for 2015-with the DTM and the new USCR. The “US-DTM” could be a support series for the USCR, so it will come on TV.

But there are two problems the ITR has to solve. The lack of cars and manufactures maybe?

That shouldn’t be a problem. They have Mercedes, Audi and BMW from the DTM and Lexus, Honda and Nissan from the Super GT.

Cadillac, Dodge-SRT and Lincoln (!) have also interest to involve in the series.

No exciting circuits? I think it will be incredible to see those cars at Sebring, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca or Road America.

But the problem is the DTM as a series.

If you ever watched a DTM race on TV, you may have noticed that the races are quite boring for Touring car races.

They give a penalty after the other, lack of overtaking (most of the time) and of course no last lap action.

I mean Americans want to see how drivers are fighting hard for positions at the last lap and then to see how they all crash at the last corner and you don’t know who is going to win.

That’s why Nascar  is so popular.


The next big problem are the aerodynamics.

Maybe they are interesting for us europeans or asians, but americans don’t give a s**t.

That’s one of the reasons why F1 is not so popular over there and also one of  reasons why the LMP1 class didn’t survive for the USCR.

So the target for the ITR and the IMSA has to be, less aerodynamcis, so the drivers can make the difference of winning and losing- not the aeros.

I really hope the DTM cars will look like the cars from the Super GT.


The Super GT has incredible racing in contrast to the DTM and the sounds of the engines are magnificent!!!

The Honda HSV 010 sounds like a F1 car, the cars look brilliant and this series is very popular in Asia.

So ITR take the GTA (The association of the Super GT) as a example and learn from them.

But the ITR is already going in F1 direction with the addition of the option tires and DRS system for 2013.


These are Touring cars, they don’t need that to have great racing (again Super GT as example).

But when the DTM wants to be global, why didn’t they cooperate with the WTCC?

The WTCC will have new regulations anyway, so why didn’t they use it as a opportunity?

Maybe they don’t want to work with the FIA, i don’t know.

So lets wait and see how it will work out.

WTCC: Muller wins Race 1 and 2

Race 1: Mullers impressive ride and Huffs comeback


Yvan Muller was starting from Pole ahead of his teammate Tom Chilton and Bamboo Engineering driver Alex MacDowall.

The two Lukoil Lada Grantas couldn’t start the race because Dudukalo crashed into the side of Thompsons Lada at Qualifying, the cars were to badly damaged.

Rob Huff started the race in 22nd because he had an odd collision with Fredy Barths BMW into the 2nd chicane. The WTCC champion of 2012 damaged his front suspension and had to retire.

The field started the race behind the safety car due the wet conditions.

Muller had a good start and held the lead until the end.

Teammate Chilton gave him some pressure from behind, but was never in the position to overtake him.

Even at the restart after the big crash from Stefano D’Aste, he didn’t managed to overtake him.

So Muller won ahead of Chilton and MacDowall, the two new Honda Civic S2000 were on 4th and 5th position.

Rob Huff had a incredible comeback and came from 22nd position on 6th position at the end.

Results Race 1:

1 12 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 30:02.783 12
2 23 T. Chilton Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 0.923 12
3 9 A. MacDowall Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 5.101 4.178 12
4 3 G. Tarquini Honda Civic 8.053 2.952 12
5 18 T. Monteiro Honda Civic 15.261 7.208 12
6 1 R. Huff SEAT Leon WTCC 17.349 2.088 12
7 14 J. Nash Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 19.964 2.615 12
8 5 N. Michelisz Honda Civic 20.338 0.374 12
9 15 T. Coronel BMW 320 TC 28.837 8.499 12
10 73 F. Barth BMW 320 TC 37.740 8.903 12
11 13 J. Dayraut BMW 320 TC 39.226 1.486 12
12 19 F. Monje SEAT Leon WTCC 41.656 2.430 12
13 55 D. O’Young BMW 320 TC 48.116 6.460 12
14 38 M. Basseng SEAT Leon WTCC 50.920 2.804 12
15 7 C. Ng BMW 320 TC 54.412 3.492 12
16 37 R. Münnich SEAT Leon WTCC 58.733 4.321 12
17 25 M. Bennani BMW 320 TC 2:05.913 1:07.180 12
18 22 T. Boardman SEAT Leon WTCC 2 Runden 10
19 6 F. Engstler BMW 320 TC 3 Runden 9
20 17 M. Nykjaer Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 3 Runden 9
DNF 74 P. Oriola SEAT Leon WTCC 8
DNF 26 S. D’Aste BMW 320 TC 3

Race 2: Mullers 2nd win and fantastic battle between Tarquini and Basseng


Darrel O’Young was starting from Pole in his ROAL-BMW.

Tarquini was starting from 4th spot and had a incredible start to the race.

After only three corners he was overtaking O’Young for the lead.

But Muller made a great comeback from 6th position and overtoke Tarquini later for lead.

Than the battles began. Tarquini had fantastic battle with Nika Racing driver Michael Nykjaer, but the Chevrolet Cruze was way better than the Civic so Nykjaer overtoke him finally.

Tom Boardman lost his front suspension after he made contact with James Nash.

Boardman was standing in the middle of the track and brought out the safety car.

After the restart there was a battle for third between Tarquini and Basseng.

This battle continued until the last lap.

Basseng was fighting but it he was to late. Tarquini was just ahead of him at the finish line, that was great racing!!!

Muller won ahead of Nykjaer and Tarquini.

Results Race 2:

1 12 Y. Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 23:27.254 10
2 17 M. Nykjaer Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 2.482 10
3 3 G. Tarquini Honda Civic 4.994 2.512 10
4 38 M. Basseng SEAT Leon WTCC 5.081 0.087 10
5 23 T. Chilton Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 5.612 0.531 10
6 74 P. Oriola SEAT Leon WTCC 6.755 1.143 10
7 14 J. Nash Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 14.445 7.690 10
8 18 T. Monteiro Honda Civic 20.573 6.128 10
9 26 S. D’Aste BMW 320 TC 23.722 3.149 10
10 1 R. Huff SEAT Leon WTCC 25.442 1.720 10
11 15 T. Coronel BMW 320 TC 37.126 11.684 10
12 55 D. O’Young BMW 320 TC 41.394 4.268 10
13 6 F. Engstler BMW 320 TC 43.904 2.510 10
14 73 F. Barth BMW 320 TC 45.921 2.017 10
15 19 F. Monje SEAT Leon WTCC 50.678 4.757 10
16 22 T. Boardman SEAT Leon WTCC 53.591 2.913 10
17 7 C. Ng BMW 320 TC 59.157 5.566 10
18 13 J. Dayraut BMW 320 TC 66.537 7.380 10
19 25 M. Bennani BMW 320 TC 86.721 20.184 10
20 9 A. MacDowall Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T 1 Runde 9
21 37 R. Münnich SEAT Leon WTCC 1 Runde 62.256 9
22 5 N. Michelisz Honda Civic 1 Runde 23.306 9

Overall: More action to come!!!

FIA WTCC Monza, Italy 23-24 March 2013

Fantastic start to the 9th season of the still young WTCC series.

Hope that Lada can start in Marakesch beacause they have very good pace.

Thompson was in the Top 10 for Qualifying, so the Granta is very quick, but i still think that the Lada Granta is a bit of an underdog. Honda could be a real challenger for RML-Chevrolet this year, this is going to be very exciting.

The next round is in Marakesch (Marocco) on the 7th of April.