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F1: Hamilton wins the Hungarian GP

At the start of the GP Lewis Hamilton was leading into Turn 1. Vettel tried  to hold of Grosjean on the outside of the track.

Rosberg meanwhile, who started from 4th position had contact with Massa’s frontwing at Turn 5.

Rosberg had to go wide and settled for 12th postion, then he overtoke some cars bringing him to 7th but then he retired 10 laps before the end of the race due a engine failure.

Hamilton was leading ahead of Vettel and Grosjean until the first pitstops came around the laps 9-13.

Vettel already had to defend his 2nd position against Grosjean and surprisingly struggled with the handling of the car.

After Vettel made his first pitstop, he came back behind McLaren driver Jenson Button, who held him off for 33 laps, what was a quite amazing perfomance from the brit.

So Vettel held up Grosjean, and some laps later Alonso was becoming faster, so it became a four way battle for 2nd.

Vettel finally got past Button for 2nd and Grosjean was also trying to pass Button, but with contact resulted to a penalty after the race. After Grosjeans 2nd pitstop, he was behind Massa.

Grosjean was much faster than the Ferrari driver and tried a brave outside move into the blind Turn 5 corner, which was succesfull but illegal. He had all four wheels off the track and he was over the line, so he gained an advantage over Massa.

The frenchman got a drive through penalty and later made his third pitstop, he ended up in 6th position.

His teammate Raikönnen however had a fantastic strategy and despite the hot weather there he managed his tires very well and made only two pitstops.

So he came up to 2nd, but Vettel was close behind him and tried a ”Grosjean move” on the outside of Turn 5.

But Raikkönnen defended and kept his 2nd place until the end.  Webber had a great race, coming from 10th on the grid after his bad luck in Qualifying to 4th in the race.

Hamilton controlled his lead and won the Hungarian GP after 70 laps. It was his first GP win of the season and the third for Mercedes AMG Petronas.

Sutil had a horrible 100th GP, he had problems starting his car again at his first pitstop and had to retire.

Williams meanwhile scored their first points of the season with Maldonado finishing 10th.

Teammate Bottas had to retire after an engine failure.

The next race of the Formula 1 World Championship is on the 25th of August for the Belgium GP at Spa-Francorchamps.

Full Results:

1 10 L. Hamilton Mercedes 70 1:42:29.445 179,507
2 7 K. Räikkönen Lotus 70 +0:10.938 +0:10.938 179,188
3 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 70 +0:12.459 +0:01.521 179,144
4 2 M. Webber Red Bull 70 +0:18.044 +0:05.585 178,982
5 3 F. Alonso Ferrari 70 +0:31.411 +0:13.367 178,595
6 8 R. Grosjean Lotus 70 +0:52.295 +0:20.884 177,993
7 5 J. Button McLaren 70 +0:53.819 +0:01.524 177,950
8 4 F. Massa Ferrari 70 +0:56.447 +0:02.628 177,874
9 6 S. Perez McLaren 69 +1 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 176,881
10 16 P. Maldonado Williams 69 +1 Rnd. +0:17.883 176,368
11 11 N. Hülkenberg Sauber 69 +1 Rnd. +0:29.391 175,532
12 18 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 69 +1 Rnd. +0:00.459 175,519
13 19 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 69 +1 Rnd. +0:00.611 175,502
14 21 G. van der Garde Caterham 68 +2 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 173,349
15 20 C. Pic Caterham 68 +2 Rnd. +0:06.374 173,171
16 22 J. Bianchi Marussia 67 +3 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 171,347
17 23 M. Chilton Marussia 67 +3 Rnd. +0:42.899 170,163
18 14 P. di Resta Force India 66 +4 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 175,043



Driver championship standings after 10 races:

1. S. Vettel 172 15 25 12 25 12 18 25 A 25 15
2. K. Räikkönen 134 25 6 18 18 18 1 2 10 18 18
3. F. Alonso 133 18 A 25 4 25 6 18 15 12 10
4. L. Hamilton 124 10 15 15 10 12 15 12 10 25
5. M. Webber 105 8 18 A 6 10 15 12 18 6 12
6. N. Rosberg 84 A 12 A 2 8 25 10 25 2
7. F. Massa 61 12 10 8 15 A 4 8 A 4
8. R. Grosjean 49 1 8 2 15 A A 15 8
9. J. Button 39 2 10 1 4 8 8 6
10. P. di Resta 36 4 A 4 12 6 2 6 2
11. A. Sutil 23 6 A A 10 1 6 A
12. S. Perez 18 2 8 2 A 4 2
13. J. Vergne 13 1 A A 4 8 A A
14. D. Ricciardo 11 A 6 1 A 4
15. N. Hülkenberg 7 S 4 1 A 1 1
16. P. Maldonado 1 A A A 1
17. V. Bottas 0 A
18. E. Gutierrez 0 A A A
19. J. Bianchi 0 A A
20. C. Pic 0 A
21. G. van der Garde 0 A A
22. M. Chilton 0

Manufactures championship standings:

1.RedBull 277

2.MercedesBenz 208

3.Ferrari 194

4.Lotus 183

5.Force India 59

6.McLaren 57

7.Toro Rosso  24

8.Sauber 7

9.Williams 1

10.Marussia 0

11.Caterham 0

F1 2013 with Classic Cars and Tracks

Yesterday Codemasters announced F1 2013.

They uploaded three trailers at their official Youtube channel and showed two hotlaps,  the Lotus E20 at the Nürburgring and the Mclaren MP4-28 at Silverstone.

But the third trailer was the most interesting one, the classics trailer.

They announced that they will bring overall 4 classic tracks (Estoril, Jerez, Imola and Brands Hatch) and 10 historic cars, 5 cars each for the 80’s and the 90’s including 17 driver legends with commentary from commentator legend Murray Walker (!).


The 80’s cars and tracks will be in the stantard edition, but when you also want to play the 90’s cars and tracks, you will have to buy the classic edition.

Codemasters didn’t mentioned if the boxed version of the classic edition will be only for pre order and then later available as DLC, as it was in GRID 2 were you could choose between one free DLC car pack for the pre ordered version of the game.

The classic edition can be not bought in the boxed version, when you buy F1 2013 on PC/Steam.

You will have to download it as additional content to the stantard F1 2013.

The classic cars are also playable in online and local multiplayer.

You will also have the chance to play the historic cars on the new tracks and the 2013 cars on the classic tracks.

Codemasters said that the historic cars are going to be much harder to drive than the current ones.

The physics of the 2013 cars and the A.I. have been improved.


                                                          The Williams-Renault FW148 from the F1 1992 season, driven by Nigel Mansell and Ricardo Patrese. 

People that were able to play the Preview version of F1 2013 at Press day said that the handling system is similar to the 2011 version.

Codemasters didn’t said anything about the penalty system, what was the most discussed point at F1 2012.


Honestly, i’m not that excited,  I want to see more info about the game, especially the penalty sytem, menu system etc.

So I won’t pre order it for now, too risky.

The game will come out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, F1 2013 won’t come for the next-gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and the realese date will most likely come at the end of September.

And no, tyre explosions aren’t included 😉

Exclusiv Historic Williams Onboard Gameplay:

Here are the trailers:

Pre-order available at Amazon and Gamestop

Kimi Raikkönnen wins in Melbourne

Kimi Raikkönnen wins the Australian GP in Melbourne ahead of Alonso and Pole setter Vettel.

Raikkönnen was driving unobtrusive through the whole race.

The key for his win was the 2 stop strategy, nearly everybody was on 3 stop strategy because their tires lost more grip.

Alonso and Vettel were on a 3 stop strategy. Alonso had a better pace then Vettel, that why he could drive to 2nd.

The driver of this race was clearly Massa. I was surprised by his pace during the race, he was even faster than his teammate Alonso. Massa  had 4th postion as result.

Mercedes is fast during Quali but not in the race


Hamilton had a good start, but started to struggle with his car and lost positions through the race- P5 was the result.

His teammate Rosberg had more bad luck. Rosberg was on 6th position till his engine gave up the ghost.

But the W04 is better than the last years car and Mercedes has a good base.

This car has much potential and i think there’s more to come.

McLaren and Williams way to slow


Button had a difficult race with a difficult car.

He managed to bring his car into the points, in 9th, but McLaren has a lot of work to do if they want to keep up with the front runners.

Perez race ended in 11th, outside the points but still with an solid debut with McLaren.

Williams has even more problems than McLaren with their FW34.

Maldonado crashed out, not having a good start to the season.

Rookie Bottas completed his race in 14th, but the most important thing is that he managed to stay on the road.

Not a good race for Ricciardo and Webber in their home Grand Prix

Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Saturday 16 March 2013.1847449684

Webber started the race in 2nd place and ended it 6th position and why? Yes you have guessed right, he made an awful start and lost  a couple of places.

He was driving unobtrusive through the GP and maybe he’s last in Australia.

Ricciardo had to retire his Toro Rosso in 12th position.

Overall good start to the 2013 season


We had many overtakes with many different drivers having a chance to win the race.

Sutil had an amazing drive in his first race after Sao Paulo 2011.

He was even leading the race for a short amount of time, but this were his very first leadkilometres in his career.

We didn’t had many incidents in this race, we didn’t even had any contact going on at the start (Grosjean learned his lesson). We had a fantastic race with three world champions on the podium.

The next race is only in one week, the Malaysian GP in Kuala Lumpur.

Result of the Rolex Australia GP in Melbourne:

1 7 K. Räikkönen Lotus 58 1:30:03.225 204,927
2 3 F. Alonso Ferrari 58 +0:12.451 +0:12.451 204,456
3 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 58 +0:22.346 +0:09.894 204,083
4 4 F. Massa Ferrari 58 +0:33.577 +0:11.232 203,661
5 10 L. Hamilton Mercedes 58 +0:45.561 +0:11.984 203,213
6 2 M. Webber Red Bull 58 +0:46.800 +0:01.239 203,167
7 15 A. Sutil Force India 58 +1:05.068 +0:18.268 202,488
8 14 P. di Resta Force India 58 +1:08.449 +0:03.381 202,363
9 5 J. Button McLaren 58 +1:21.630 +0:13.181 201,877
10 8 R. Grosjean Lotus 58 +1:22.759 +0:01.129 201,836
11 6 S. Perez McLaren 58 +1:23.367 +0:00.608 201,813
12 18 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 58 +1:23.857 +0:00.490 201,795
13 12 E. Gutierrez Sauber 57 +1 lap. +1 lap. 200,315
14 17 V. Bottas Williams 57 +1 lap. +0:07.451 200,041
15 22 J. Bianchi Marussia 57 +1 lap. +1:01.527 197,804
16 20 C. Pic Caterham 56 +2 laps. +1 lap. 197,288
17 23 M. Chilton Marussia 56 +2 laps. +0:34.359 196,045
18 21 G. van der Garde Caterham 56 +2 laps. +0:26.626 195,093

Williams’ to miss first test with new FW35 car

Williams will not be debuing their 2013 challenger, the FW35, until the second pre-season test, the team confirmed on Friday. 

The team will be present at the first test which kicks off at Jerez on February 5th, but they will run their 2012 car with 2013 livery’s testing parts.

The launch of the FW35 will take place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona on February 19th, the first day of the second test.

Valtteri Bottas and Pastor Maldonado will be their driver lineup for the Williams team this year.

Key engineer Mark Gillan quits Williams

Williams have confirmed that Mark Gillan, an engineer key to the teams revival, has quit in order to spend more time with his family.

© Williams F1 Team, LAT Photographic

Gillan joined the outfit last season alongside technical director Mike Coughlan and head of aerodynamics Jason Somerville in order to halt the teams decline.

The team won its first race since the 2004 season thanks to Pastor Maldonado’s Spanish GP victory. Whilst the team only managed one better this season by finishing eighth in the championship, their car was capable of much more.

The former McLaren, Jaguar, Red Bull and Toyota employee is now on ‘gardening leave’ having left the outfit earlier this month.

Source: The F1 Times

Valtteri Bottas set to secure Williams race seat

Valtteri Bottas is set to replace current Williams race driver Bruno Senna in 2013.

Image source: www1.skysports.com

According to Finnish news papers its a done deal and announcement is expected within the next week.

Finnish F1 broadcaster MTV3′s race commentator Oskari Saari, but also the respected Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt, as well as others in the Interlagos paddock.

Schmidt said Brazilian Senna, and also his countryman Luiz Razia, have “run through the paddock with suitcases full of money, finding no takers”.

Williams is not confirming the reports about its Finnish 2012 reserve Valtteri Bottas, 23, but the team’s driver manager Alex Wurz said on Saturday: “He is a great talent.”

Williams shareholder Toto Wolff, who is involved with Bottas’ management, said: “We do not want to talk about the driver situation this weekend.

“There’s nothing to report now,” he insisted.

But MTV3′s Saari promised to “eat my hat” if Bottas does not make his race debut with Williams in Australia next March.

F1 engine maker Cosworth for sale

Cosworth is for sale.

Having lost its best F1 customers Williams and Caterham, in recent months it has been discussed as an open secret in the grand prix paddocks that the independent British engine supplier will not be on the grid in 2014 with a new turbo V6 power unit. 

Cosworth, however – still supplying V8s to backmarkers Marussia and HRT – insists it has a plan to stay in F1 beyond the current rules, even though rumours persist that it is not up to speed with the kind of progress made by its 2014 rivals Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes.

British newspaper The Times now reports that Cosworth, currently owned by well-known US motor racing names Gerry Forsythe and Kevin Kalkhoven, has instructed UBS to find a new buyer.

And the Telegraph reports that Rolls Royce could be at the front of the queue to buy Cosworth, thanks to the engine maker’s new links in the aerospace industry.

Another potential buyer is GKN, a British aerospace company.

Cosworth’s chief executive Tim Routsis said: “We have been paused for the last 18 months and the board has decided that we can not wait any longer otherwise we risk losing momentum.”


Source: F1zone.net

Friday analysis – Suzuka casts its slippery spell

Two practice sessions in consistent conditions were welcomed by the teams, who were thus able to conduct all of their usual tyre testing and long-run lappery without interruption from the weather. The indications are that the times are so close that everyone will have to wring everything out of their packages to maximise performance.
The accidents which befell Paul di Resta and Michael Schumacher in the Spoon Curve showed how important it was not to get a wheel in the dirt as the track rubbered in. The indications are that tyre management will be crucial in the race, as many drivers reported chunking of the right-rear option tyre…

Red Bull
Mark Webber, 1m 34.856s, P3/1m 32.493s, P1
Sebastian Vettel, 1m 36.366s, P17/1m 32.836s, P3
Both drivers felt that the RB8 was performing, but each complained that the balance wasn’t quite there. Vettel said his car was more nervous in the morning, but that they need to take a step forward overnight in order to stay on the pace for qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton, 1m 34.740s, P2/1m 32.707s, P2
Jenson Button, 1m 34.507s, P1/1m 33.349s, P7
Hamilton said that he could have matched Webber’s time with an optimal lap and that he felt comfortable in his MP4-27, which was the best McLaren he’d ever driven here. Button was happy in the morning but less so in the afternoon and said that the balance of his car wasn’t quite there. Both think they will be close to the front tomorrow, but expect the times to be very tight.

Sahara Force India
Nico Hulkenberg, 1m 35.474s, P9/1m 32.987s, P4
Paul di Resta, 1m 35.299s, P8/No time, P24
Hulkenberg said he was happy with his VJM05 on a light fuel load but that more work was needed for race trim. Di Resta was happy with the balance of his car in FP1, before rueing the mistake that cost him all of FP2.

Fernando Alonso, 1m 35.484s, P11/1m 33.093s, P5
Felipe Massa, 1m 35.283s, P7/1m 33.614s, P9
Alonso said his F2012 felt reasonably good, while Massa said he was quite happy with the way his day had gone. It was the usual cautious stuff from the Scuderia on a Friday.

Romain Grosjean, 1m 35.724s, P14/1m 33.107s, P6
Kimi Raikkonen, 1m 35.691s, P13/1m 34.291s, P14
Both E20s ran new front wings and the Singapore floor, while Grosjean tried a new rear wing in FP2, but the team have given up here with their double DRS, ‘the Device’, as they had trouble getting it to switch on fully. Grosjean reported that his car felt much better in FP2, but Raikkonen lost a lot of time due to a KERS malfunction.

Bruno Senna (pm only), 1m 33.499s, P8
Pastor Maldonado, 1m 35.478s, P10/1m 34.300s, P15
Valtteri Bottas (am only), 1m 36.389s, P18
Williams had a productive and extremely busy couple of sessions as Maldonado and Senna ran different programmes as they successfully evaluated a number of new components. Both felt that they established a good baseline set-up for the remainder of the weekend.

Michael Schumacher, 1m 35.122s, P5/1m 33.750s, P10
Nico Rosberg, 1m 35.059s, P4/1m 33.866s, P11
Mercedes had a trying day. Rosberg stopped towards the end of FP1 when his engine shut itself down after getting signals that the oil pressure was fading. He missed much of FP2 as the engine was changed. Schumacher, meanwhile, crashed heavily at Spoon Curve in FP2 after putting the right-rear wheel in the dirt.

Sergio Perez 1m 35.584s, P12/1m 33.903s, P12
Kamui Kobayashi, 1m 35.199s, P6/1m 33.983s, P13
Both drivers ran new front wings and both had minor off-track moments. They said that they know how to make the C31 faster for tomorrow, and reported that they’d had positive days.

Toro Rosso
Daniel Ricciardo, 1m 36.123s, P15/1m 34.863s, P16
Jean-Eric Vergne, 1m 36.222s, P16/1m 35.080s, P17
Neither driver reported any problems. Ricciardo was happy that his race pace was strong, while Vergne was pleased with his performance on his first visit to one of the toughest tracks on the calendar.

Heikki Kovalainen (pm only), 1m 35.711s, P18
Vitaly Petrov, 1m 38.295s, P20/1m 35.870s, P19
Giedo van der Garde (am only), 1m 39.374s, P23
Kovalainen said he was happy with the way his afternoon went, while Van der Garde was pleased to have carried out his intended programme in the morning in the Finn’s car. The team appeared to have a more cohesive run plan than had been evident in Singapore. Petrov, however, had a problem at the end of FP2 when, for reasons as yet unidentified, his CT01 lost its rear wing in Turn 1, spinning him into the gravel.

Timo Glock, 1m 37.716s, P19/1m 36.194s, P20
Charles Pic, 1m 38.616s, P21/1m 36.636s, P21
Glock ran a new floor but said that the balance of his MR01 was poor in FP1 and better in FP2. He also said that, having followed KERS-equipped cars here, he felt that Marussia are at a decided disadvantage here without it. Pic was happy, having sampled the track for the first time and ran close to his team mate.

Pedro de la Rosa, 1m 39.688s, P24/1m 37.342s, P22
Narain Karthikeyan, 1m 39.043s, P22/1m 37.701s, P23
De la Rosa and Karthikeyan reported favourably on a new floor and said that they’d had positive days working on their usual programmes.

Source: Formula1.com

Bruno Senna suffered burns in Singapore GP

It has been revealed that Bruno Senna was burned inside his Williams during the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday. The Brazilian retired from tenth position in the closing stages of the race and the precise cause of the problem is still being investigated.

“It was an extremely frustrating weekend,” admits Mark Gillan, Williams’ Chief Operations Engineer. “It was what I would call a character-building weekend, with the high expectations following a front row qualification and fast race pace ultimately dashed due to a double DNF and a risked strategy call.”

Williams will soon confirm the precise problems for both cars, including that which left Senna with burns as he made his way back to the paddock on foot.

“We have a good idea but are still investigating just to make sure that we have covered all potential causes,” Gillan concluded.

With six races to go in 2012, Oxfordshire-based Williams remains eighth in the Constructors’ Championship but has now fallen to 21 points behind Force India.

Source: GPupdate.net