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ELMS 3H of Red Bull Ring Review

LMP2: TDS wins, Jota again with bad luck

TDS Racing wins the 3H of Red Bull Ring with Beche/Thiriet ahead of Signatech Alpine and Morand Racing.

It’s their 2nd win of the season.

The Zytek Z11SN Nissan from Jota Sport with Turvey/Dolan was on pole after the actual pole time from the Signatech Alpine was cancelled because it was set under yellow flags.

So Sigantech Alpine had to start from the back of the LMP2 class.

Jota Sport had great start with Oliver Turvey dominating the race.


But when Turvey was coming to his first pitstop, he was to fast on the pit straight and got a 30 seconds stop & go penalty.

Turvey was on P4 and then came for a driver change with Simon Dolan, who then made a spin on his outlap.

Dolan had then a great battle for P3 afterwards with the Race Perfomance Oreca 03 from Michel Frey.

Dolan came then for his final pitstop coming in for fuel and then had to settle for 4th.

TDS Racing however wasn’t the fastest on the track, but the consistent.

Despite of small problem at their 2nd pitstop the Oreca 03 Nissan didn’t had any problems and Thiriet was running away with the win.

Boutson Ginion Racing who were the favourites of the race with WEC Lotus LMP2 drivers Holzer/Kraihamer had problems with their Oreca 03 and finished on a disappointing 8th in class.

Also Murphy Prototypes with Hirschi/Hartley had early problems with their Oreca 03 Nissan, they had to retire.

The No. 48 Team Endurance Challenge Oreca FLM 09 with Paul-Loup Chatin and Gary Hirsch took victory in the LMPC class, with

Hirsch holding off a charging Nicolas Verdonck in the final laps for the win ahead of the Algarve Pro Racing PC car.

GTE, GTC: Ferrari all the way


RAM Racing won with Ferrari F458 Italia GTE car, even making a 1-2 ahead other Ferrari from JMW.

The Porsche’s however from Proton Competition, Prospeed and IMSA Perfomance Matmut couldn’t go the pace of the Ferrari’s and were lacking topspeed.


In GTC, we had a great battle between SMP Racing and AF Corse (both Ferrari) in the first hour.

But after a pitstop problem from the AF Corse Ferrari, SMP Racing made a 1-2 win in GTC.

3rd was Ecurie Ecosse Team with the BMW Z4 GT3, maintaining a 100% podium record this year.

The next race of the European Le Mans Series is going to be the 3H of Hungaroring in Hungary at the 14th of September.

FIA GT Series: Sandström/Stippler won the Championship Race at Nogaro

Loeb controlled the race at the start


Qualifying race winner Sebastian Loeb started from pole and controlled the race.

But the WRT Audi from Mayr-Melnhof catched up the SLR McLaren MP4-12C, so it all came down from 3 seconds to nearly under a second.

Loebs little mistake in the pits, with catastrophic consequences


But then the pitstop window was open and everybody had to get in.

The WRT Audi was the the first of the front runners to arrive, Mayr-Melnhof changed with Rene Rast.

A lap later the SLR McLaren from Sebastian Loeb arrived for a driver change with Alvaro Parente.

But Loeb unlocked his seatbelts before the pitstop, it’s forbidden to do that.

Loeb/Parente got a drive through penalty, but before that, he had a intense battle with Rast for the lead after the pitstop.

Parente was all over his place. But then Rast was going wide, Parente looked for an overtake, but Rast closed the door at the exit of the corner and they touched.

Rast spun and Parente was driving away with the lead.

But they soon swapped positions due the penalty from Parente.

Parente was ending at 6th place after the drive through and he stayed there until the end.

Great battle for 3rd until the last lap


Edward Sandström in the 2nd WRT-Audi was passing the Charouz-Mercedes SLS AMG from Alon Day for 2nd position.

Then in the last lap Laurens Vanthoor overtoke the SLR Mclaren from Alvaro Parente and then overtoke later in the lap the Mercedes from Day, what was a quite impressive run.

Eventually Rast won the first round of the FIA GT Series.

But Rast/Mayr-Melnhof  were penalised due to an engine cutoff infraction during a pitstop.

So Sandström/Stippler handed the victory.

After six hours after the race end, the race stewards decided to penalise Loeb/Parente again, this time because of the collision between Parente and Rast for the lead.

They eventually ended on a disappointing 12th position.

Taking maximum points in the Gentlemens Trophy was the SOFREV Ferrari 458 Italia of Fabien Barthez and Gerard. The pair took the double after claiming the win in yesterday’s sprint race.

The tense battle between multiple supercar brands continues in three weeks’ time when the FIA GT Series re-convenes at Zolder in Belgium on the weekend of 20-21 April.

Full Results of the FIA GT Series championship race at Nogaro:

1 13 PRO F.Stippler/E.Sandstrom Belgian Audi Club Team WRT Audi R8 LMS  35 1:00:25.029 126.4 22 1:37.559 134.2
2 11 PRO S.Ortelli/L.Vanthoor Belgian Audi Club Team WRT Audi R8 LMS        35 1:00:33.070 8.041 126.1 24 1:37.213 134.6
3 1 PRO M.Buhk/A.Day HTP Gravity Charouz Mercedes SLS AMG GT3                 35 1:00:33.979 8.950 126.1 15 1:38.435 133.0
4 5 PRO A.Kumpen/E.Ide Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS                                              35 1:00:35.114 10.085 126.0 23 1:37.815 133.8
5 14 PAM C.Viera/C.Campanico Novadriver Audi R8 LMS                                          35 1:00:40.277 15.248 125.9 23 1:38.166 133.3
6 12 PAM N.Mayr-Melnhof/R.Rast Belgian Audi Club Team WRT Audi R8 LMS 35 1:00:43.079 18.050 125.8 25 1:37.630 134.1
7 35 PAM L.Ordonez/A.Buncombe Nissan GT Academy Team RJN Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 35 1:00:43.666 18.637 125.7 20 1:37.689 134.0
8 25 PAM D.Baumann/H.Proczyk GRT Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini LP560-4           35    1:00:56.467 31.438 125.3 26 1:37.992 133.6
9 0 PRO C.Bueno/A.Khodair BMW Team Brazil BMW E89 Z4                                                      35 1:00:59.628 34.599 125.2 25 1:38.919 132.3
10 28 PRO K.Chandhok/J.Seyffarth SMS Seyffarth Motorsport Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 35 1:01:00.085 35.056 125.2 23 1:37.972 133.6
11 10 PRO A.Zuber/M.Parisy Sebastien Loeb Racing McLaren MP4-12C                         35   1:01:01.436 36.407 125.1 26 1:38.867 132.4
12 9 PRO S.Loeb/A.Parente Sebastien Loeb Racing McLaren MP4-12C                           35  1:01:06.064 41.035 125.0 6 1:37.872 133.7
13 21 PRO R.Zonta/S.Jimenez BMW Team Brazil BMW E89 Z4                    35    1:01:18.610 53.581 124.5 33 1:39.185 132.0
14 32 PAM W.Reip/M.Shulzhitskiy Nissan GT Academy Team RJN Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 35     1:01:33.540 1:08.511 124.0 34 1:39.421 131.7
15 7 PAM M.Stumpf/C.Ricci ACL by Rodrive Competicoes Ford GT                  35 1:01:40.189 1:15.160 123.8 25 1:39.303 131.8
16 2 PAM S.Afanasiev/A.Simonsen HTP Gravity Charouz Mercedes SLS AMG GT3            35 1:01:48.699 1:23.670 123.5 24 1:38.510 132.9
17 16 PRO D.Keilwitz/N.Kentenich Doerr Motorsport McLaren MP4-12C               35 1:01:49.422 1:24.393 123.5 23 1:39.533 131.5
18 6 PAM A.Ebrahim/J.Jousse Team India by BMW Team India BMW E89 Z4                    34 1:00:22.755 1 LAP 122.8 17 1:39.825 131.1
19 30 PAM J.Beaubelique/S.Ayari SOFREV ASP by Jean-Luc Beaubelique Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 34 1:00:26.548 1 LAP 122.7 21 1:39.311 131.8
20 31 GTR G.Tonelli/F.Barthez SOFREV ASP by Jerome Policand Ferrari 458 Italia GT3            34 1:01:13.411 1 LAP 121.2 31 1:41.183 129.4
21 3 GTR P.Charouz/J.Stovicek HTP Gravity Charouz Mercedes SLS AMG GT3                   33 1:00:22.509 2LAPS 119.2 9 1:41.619 128.8
22 8 GTR R.Mascarello/F.Tozzo ACL by Rodrive Competicoes Ford GT                            33 1:01:42.159 2LAPS 116.7 32 1:40.633 130.1