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F1 back to Austria in 2014

Today was announced that F1 will comeback to the Red Bull Ring (A1 Ring back then) at the 6th of July 2014.

But the agency of Spielberg (there were the Red Bull Ring is located on) have to give the official okay.

The Austrian GP should have already comeback this year, but Ecclestone disagreed.

Ecclestone disagreed because the Red Bull Ring wouldn’t have enough Hotel rooms.

But now he agreed with Dr. Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz who are behind this ”Austrian GP comeback”.


F1 was driving the current layout from 1997-2003, called A1-Ring, but they also drove the old layout, called Österreichring from 1970-1987.

But it’s still uncertain who will pay the Grand Prix tax, which are Millions of euros.

But finally a classy track comes new to the F1 calender, but also with the new New Jersey GP starting next year, it would be hard for the teams to race 22 GP’s in a year.

So i won’t be surprised if some of the current GP’s will go away from the calender (please the Korean GP!!!)


F1 2013 with Classic Cars and Tracks

Yesterday Codemasters announced F1 2013.

They uploaded three trailers at their official Youtube channel and showed two hotlaps,  the Lotus E20 at the Nürburgring and the Mclaren MP4-28 at Silverstone.

But the third trailer was the most interesting one, the classics trailer.

They announced that they will bring overall 4 classic tracks (Estoril, Jerez, Imola and Brands Hatch) and 10 historic cars, 5 cars each for the 80’s and the 90’s including 17 driver legends with commentary from commentator legend Murray Walker (!).


The 80’s cars and tracks will be in the stantard edition, but when you also want to play the 90’s cars and tracks, you will have to buy the classic edition.

Codemasters didn’t mentioned if the boxed version of the classic edition will be only for pre order and then later available as DLC, as it was in GRID 2 were you could choose between one free DLC car pack for the pre ordered version of the game.

The classic edition can be not bought in the boxed version, when you buy F1 2013 on PC/Steam.

You will have to download it as additional content to the stantard F1 2013.

The classic cars are also playable in online and local multiplayer.

You will also have the chance to play the historic cars on the new tracks and the 2013 cars on the classic tracks.

Codemasters said that the historic cars are going to be much harder to drive than the current ones.

The physics of the 2013 cars and the A.I. have been improved.


                                                          The Williams-Renault FW148 from the F1 1992 season, driven by Nigel Mansell and Ricardo Patrese. 

People that were able to play the Preview version of F1 2013 at Press day said that the handling system is similar to the 2011 version.

Codemasters didn’t said anything about the penalty system, what was the most discussed point at F1 2012.


Honestly, i’m not that excited,  I want to see more info about the game, especially the penalty sytem, menu system etc.

So I won’t pre order it for now, too risky.

The game will come out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, F1 2013 won’t come for the next-gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and the realese date will most likely come at the end of September.

And no, tyre explosions aren’t included 😉

Exclusiv Historic Williams Onboard Gameplay:

Here are the trailers:

Pre-order available at Amazon and Gamestop

33 Classic Kimi Quotes

To celebrate Lotus’ Iceman turning 33 today, I have put together 33 Kimi Raikkonen quotes from over the years.


1. Martin Brundle: “Kimi, you missed the presentation by Pele.”

Kimi : “Yeah.”

Martin: “Will you get over it?”

Kimi: “Yeah. I was having a shit.”



2. Interviewer: “What makes TAG Heuer special?”

Kimi: “It’s OK.”


3.Interviewer: “What kind of a relationship do you have with Peter Sauber?”

Kimi: “He is my boss.”


4. “I read somewhere that I drive with the luck of a drunk.”


5. “Suddenly the steering wheel was in my hands. I tried to put it back on, but it was too late. I was just wondering where I was going toend up.”


6. “I’d rather be probably out of second and third place so I don’t have to go to the prize-giving.”


7. “Ah, go and interview Mikko Leppilampi. He likes to talk.”


8. Interviewer: “Is it true that sometimes you’re bored in the car?”

Kimi: “Only when I am in front by a country mile, like in Melbourne last year. Then you are thinking about other things or you’re playing with the buttons on the steering wheel.”


9. “I’m not interested in what people think about me. I’m not Michael Schumacher.”


10. “The interesting thing will be to see what the weather will do tomorrow. I lost my mirror during the final qualifyingsession butdidn’t notice it, and it had no effect. Now we will see what happens in the race.”


11. “You don’t drive races on paper.”


12. “Driving is the only thing I love about F1.”


13. Interviewer: “The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?”

Kimi: “It protects my head.”


14. “The Constructor’s Championship doesn’t really mean anything to me.”


15. “Coulthard can say what he wants. I’m not interested in what he’s saying.”


16. I”Montoya’s comments doesn’t interest me.”


17. “I’m not interested in what Jackie says. He hasn’t got anything to do with me.”


18. “Others can sit in the simulators if they want. I´m here to drive.”


19. Interviewer: “The most exciting moment during the race weekend?”

Kimi: “I think so it’s the race start, always.” Interviewer: “The most boring?”

Kimi: “Now.”


20. Interviewer: “Do you have any special rituals when the helmet is concerned like many have?”

Kimi: “I wipe it so that I can seebetter.”


21. When asked about how his yellow flag affected the other drivers: “I don’t care what happened to the others.”


22. “It’s all the same if it rains or not.”


23. “Ferrari’s own parties are the nicest. There are all the crew and their children. I don’t know exactly what I will do there. Maybe Iwill be Santa. Other parties are official and boring.”


24. Interviewer: “Kimi, what’s the 5th grid place like?”

Kimi: “It’s the 5th grid place.”


25. Interviewer: “What is your feeling before the race?”

Kimi: “It’s alright.”


26. Hungarian GP 2007: “Boring race.”


27. “My life would be much more easier had I been a f1-driver in the 70’s with the guys. I was definitely born in the wrong era.”


28. “I don’t give a damn about what Trulli says.”


29. “I’m not going to a language school to learn Italian, that’s not what I came to do at Ferrari.”


30. “If there’s a red light when you leave the pitlane you have to stop. Then some wooden eye [ Lewis Hamilton] crashes into you andbreaks the car.”


31. Talking about Michael Schumacher: “He doesn’t come and tell us drivers anything. And at least I don’t need his advice.”


32. Interviewer: “How does it feels to drive at 300 km/h?”

Kimi: “It feels normal.”


33. “I have not looked at what everyone else is doing and what teams are running, so we are just doing our own thing.”


Source:  Wheelnutblog.net