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WEC 2013, Teams and Races

The WEC goes in 2013 in his 2nd year. They will be still 8 rounds, including the 24h of Le Mans. The WEC will drive in Austin instead of the 12h of Sebring and Silverstone is now the season opener. They will also make ”Super Weekends” with the ELMS (European Le Mans Series) in Silverstone and Spa, ALMS with Austin and the AsLMS (Asian Le Mans Series) in Fuji and Shanghai.

Toyota will only use one TS030 in the entire WEC season (apart from Spa and Le Mans). Audi will still use two R18 Diesel Hybrids and  four cars for Le Mans. Audi will even compete the 12h of Sebring, the season opener of the ALMS (American Le Mans Series). Rebillion will only use one Lola B10/60 Toyota, because they use two of them in the ALMS. OAK and JRM didn’t confirm anything to their LMP1 programm and Strakka will also use one HPD ARX-03a. So only 5 cars are in the LMP1 class, maybe more in Spa and Le Mans.

The LMP2 is the class with the most cars. Lotus will use two T128, Gulf and Greaves will also use two cars. OAK will compete with two Morgan Nissans and Signatech Nissan with two Zyteks. ADR-Delta and Pecom will use one car each.

In GTE-Pro are two cars each from AF-Corse Ferrari 458 Italia, Manthey Porsche 911 and Aston Martin Vantage V12. In GTE-Am they could be two Corvette Rcaing ZR1, one IMSA Porsche and maybe one BMW Z4 from Saudi Falcons.

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WEC (World Endurance Championship) Calender 2013:

1.  6H  Silverstone      14th April 2013 (Super Weekend ELMS)

2.  6H  Spa-Francorchamps    04th May 2013 (Super Weekend ELMS)

3.  24H  Le Mans     22nd June 2013

4.  6H  Sao Paulo   01st September 2013

5.  6H  Austin     22nd September 2013 (Super Weekend ALMS)

6.  6H  Fuji           20th Oktober 2013  (Super Weekend AsLMS)

7.  6H  Shanghai 10th November 2013  (Super Weekend AsLMS)

8.  6H  Bahrain    30th November 2013


Renault: Red Bull will use new specification alternator in Brazil

Red Bull will switch to a new specification of alternator for the final race of the season in Brazil this weekend following Mark Webber’s alternator failure in yesterday’s United States Grand Prix.

Image credit: ESPN F1

Mark Webber suffered Red Bull’s third alternator failure in a race this season at Austin, losing him a chance of a podium finish.

That problem prompted concerns from the team about that area of the car, which has left engine partner Renault in no doubt that Red Bull must switch to the newer spec for this weekend’s Interlagos showdown.

Renault’s head of trackside operations Remi Taffin told AUTOSPORT about the plans for Brazil: “It is very simple. We go for the new spec. It has passed all the tests.”

Red Bull elected not to use the newer specification, which was raced by other Renault teams, because it felt safer using the older specification that had so far proved trouble-free.

When asked why that decision had been made if the newer units had passed all reliability tests, Taffin said: “Because they are human beings and at some point as humans they have some feelings.

“It was a common decision, so we put everything on the table and we decided altogether we should go that way. We had everything to fit either the old or new design.

“But the feeling was generally that there is some sense to keep on using something that we have known for years with low mileage and stuff like that, even if we had a new solution that we knew had gone through all the tests.

“Maybe it is a bit more difficult to understand, but put yourself in the situation where you have to make a decision.

“Sometimes you go into a shop and there are two different things and your head says you should buy this one but your heart says you should buy the other one.”

Taffin added that the fact that Renault’s other teams had successfully used the revised newer specification of alternator last weekend meant that Red Bull should have no concerns about its reliability for Brazil.

“This is the first Sunday it has been used, but now we are up to 2000km on a few items with track and dyno testing, so there is nothing we would do more on this item before we fit it on the car.”

(Quotes from Autosport F1)

Qualifying: Vettel on Pole in COTA

Sebastian Vettel had a perfect saturday with the fastest lap in FP3 and the Pole in Qualfying with a 1:35.657, so he was faster than the predicted lap time (1:37).

Vettel was ahead of Hamilton and his teammate Webber. Title contender Alonso was on very disapointing 8th Position behind his teammate Massa.

Grosjean had a good Qualifying with P4 but he will start from P9 in the starting grid because he’s team made a transmission change, so they got a five place grid penalty. Raikkönnen has good chances for a Podium today with P4, but he has also chances to win the race, who knows?

Schumacher was surprisingly fast in this Quali (P5), he has great chances to gain many points. He’s teammate Rosberg however will start from P17 and will have difficult run at the start of the race in the first few turns.

Hülkenberg had a great Quali (P8) and i still not understand why McLaren didn’t commited him instead of Perez, who is on P15 ahead of his teammate Kobayashi.

Button again very slow in Quali (P12), but two minutes before Q2 ended he had a technical failure.

HRT came above the 107% time and Glock with a fantastic 19th Position, he’s ahead of the two Caterham drivers (P21 and P22).

So if Vettel wins and Alonso finishes in fifth, then is Vettel World Champion for the third time in a row. He (Vettel) would be also Champion if he finishes in second and Alonso finishes in seventh, when he’s in P3 Alonso has to be on P11.

I think it will be a messy start at the first few corners (lockout for Grosjean, Perez and Maldonado). We can see some overtaking on the Circuit, of course the DRS-Zone, Turn 9 and Turn 20 (I think) are also a good overtaking points.

We will see a fantastic race, can Vettel win the race and be third in history of F1 to secure three titles in a row? Can Hamilton finish the race without any mechanical issues? Can Raikkönnen make it to the podium or even the win? Are we seeing some stupid mistakes or crashes from Perez, Grosjean or Maldonado? Many questions, but they will be all answered this evening in the US GP on Circuit of the Americas.

Can’t wait!!!

Full results from Qualifying:

1 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 1:35.657 6
2 4 L. Hamilton McLaren 1:35.766 +0:00.109 +0:00.109 7
3 2 M. Webber Red Bull 1:36.174 +0:00.517 +0:00.408 6
4 10 R. Grosjean Lotus 1:36.587 +0:00.930 +0:00.413 7
5 9 K. Räikkönen Lotus 1:36.708 +0:01.051 +0:00.121 6
6 7 M. Schumacher Mercedes 1:36.794 +0:01.137 +0:00.086 7
7 6 F. Massa Ferrari 1:36.937 +0:01.280 +0:00.143 7
8 12 N. Hülkenberg Force India 1:37.141 +0:01.484 +0:00.204 5
9 5 F. Alonso Ferrari 1:37.300 +0:01.643 +0:00.159 7
10 18 P. Maldonado Williams 1:37.842 +0:02.185 +0:00.542 7
11 19 B. Senna Williams 1:37.604 9
12 3 J. Button McLaren 1:37.616 +0:00.012 +0:00.012 5
13 11 P. di Resta Force India 1:37.665 +0:00.061 +0:00.049 6
14 17 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 1:37.879 +0:00.275 +0:00.214 8
15 15 S. Perez Sauber 1:38.206 +0:00.602 +0:00.327 6
16 14 K. Kobayashi Sauber 1:38.437 +0:00.833 +0:00.231 6
17 8 N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:38.501 +0:00.897 +0:00.064 8
18 16 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1:39.114 9
19 24 T. Glock Marussia 1:40.056 +0:00.942 +0:00.942 12
20 25 C. Pic Marussia 1:40.664 +0:01.550 +0:00.608 11
21 21 W. Petrow Caterham 1:40.809 +0:01.695 +0:00.145 7
22 20 H. Kovalainen Caterham 1:41.166 +0:02.052 +0:00.357 7
23 22 P. de la Rosa HRT 1:42.011 +0:02.897 +0:00.845 12
24 23 N. Karthikeyan HRT 1:42.740 +0:03.626 +0:00.729 10

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel told to modify helmets in Austin

Lewis Hamilton’s US-themed helmet attracted the most attention for its H.A.M. slogan, which according to street slang means ‘Hard as a motherf***er’.

“In light of the FIA’s recent reminder to all drivers not to swear, stencilling the letters on the back of his helmet was a particularly provocative act on Hamilton’s part and one which no doubt irritated his team,” journalist Tom Cary wrote in the Telegraph.

A McLaren spokesman said the decision to cover up the logo was taken “by mutual consent”.

“We just stuck some red tape over it,” confirmed helmet manufacturer Arai’s Peter Burger to Auto Motor und Sport.

Pole sitter Sebastian Vettel also had to modify his special US-themed ‘wooden’ helmet livery in Austin, to remove the words ‘Gives you wings’ from the top.

Bernie Ecclestone forbids drivers or teams from advertising on the very top of the helmets, so as not to spoil the onboard camera view.

As a quick fix, Arai’s Burger covered the energy drink company’s slogan with black tape, but soon sourced some tape with a wood-style finish for qualifying and the race.

Image credit: Sutton images

F1 members admitted to hospital in Austin

Members of F1′s travelling circus have been admitted to hospital in Austin, the Swiss newspaper Blick reports.


The report said three members of the press from Portugal, Denmark and England respectively, and “some members” of the Red Bull team, are in hospital.

Rumours suggest the Briton involved is the well-known photographer Keith Sutton, while the other two press-men are journalists Peter Nygaard and Luis Vasconcelos.

The newspaper claimed they have contracted infectious diseases after being bitten by mosquitoes in India late last month.

During the Indian grand prix weekend 20 days ago, we reported that the swarms of mosquitoes in the Delhi area could be carrying the infectious and potentially life-threatening dengue fever.

Blick also mentioned malaria.

Source: F1zone.net