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Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull crowned at 2012 FIA prize gala

By Jonathan Noble Sunday, December 9th 2012, 00:48 GMT

Vettel Horner FIA AwardsSebastian Vettel and his Red Bull team collected their FIA world championship trophies in Turkey on Friday night – with boss Christian Horner adamant his outfit was better this year than it has ever been.

Vettel was presented with the F1 world drivers’ championship trophy, and Horner the constructors’ award, by FIA president Jean Todt at the organisation’s prize gala in Istanbul.

Reflecting on the campaign, Vettel and Horner did not hide from the fact that the season has been incredibly challenging as rivals Ferrari took the title fight all the way to the final round of the season in Brazil.

Horner said: “This is a phenomenal achievement for our team. The hard work and the dedication this year have been exemplary – but I think hard work and dedication have been common up and down the pit lane in this fantastic Formula 1 season.

“It didn’t seem possible we could raise our game after last year but I think we have.

“The team have used every scrap of their skill and ingenuity; they’ve had the courage of their convictions and have refused to buckle under the most enormous pressure. I’m honoured to collect this trophy on their behalf.”

Vettel also praised the efforts of his team – which fought back from a major points deficit in the middle of the season to secure the drivers’ title by just three points.

“Winning the title with Red Bull Racing three times in a row makes us all feel very proud,” said the German.

“This was a season with lots of ups and downs and the team had to push hard to get me over the line. In the garage and at the factory everyone did an incredible job, and the support we had from Renault was also great.”

Indian Grand Prix organisers were meanwhile presented with Bernie Ecclestone’s Formula 1 Promotional Trophy for the best race, while Sky Sports were awarded the accolade for outstanding television broadcast coverage.


Source: Autosport.com


Tyre statistics of 2012 by Pirelli

Pirelli have successfully completed its second full season as F1’s official tyre supplier, and following the last race of the season at Brazil, the Italian company has released the following stats, showing how its tyres were used throughout the 20 races in 2012.

– Total number of tyres provided for the season: Race tyres: 31,800 of which 22,500 dry tyres and 9,300 wet tyres plus an additional 6,600 for the tests (not including development tyres)
– Of which (for race tyres only): supersoft: 6 % / soft: 25 % / medium: 21 % / hard: 17 % / intermediate: 18 % / wet: 11 % / 2 % development tyres
– Total numbers of tyres used: Dry tyres: 21,400; wet tyres: 2,100
– Number of tyres recycled during 2012: All, i.e. 31,800 race tyres plus 6,600 test tyres
– Average life span of a dry compound this season: 180 km
– Average life span of a wet compound this season: 140 km

Tracks, Races and Tests
– Longest continuous energy input into a tyre: India (turn 10-11)
– Longest race of the year: Malaysia in 2hrs 44min 51.812s
– Shortest race of the year: Great Britain in 1 hr 25min 11.288s
– Most laps run on Pirelli tyres: Hard – Kobayashi (798); Medium – Senna (869); Soft – Ricciardo (1,012); Supersoft – Raikkonen (237); Intermediate – Alonso (145); Wet – Kobayashi (104)
– Highest top speed reached by a P Zero F1 tyre: 248.241 kph (Hamilton / Italy Qualifying)
– Slowest top speed reached by a P Zero F1 tyre: 161.828 kph (Schumacher / Monaco Qualifying)
– Most fastest laps in 2011: Sebastian Vettel (5 in race / 6 in qualifying)
– Distance covered by Pirelli’s Renault R30 test car in 2012: 7,012 kms
– Number of different test tracks visited by Pirelli staff this year (incl. private tests): 9

Pit stops
– Total number of pit stops for the year: 957 (of which 14 were a Drive Through and 2 a stop&go penalty)
– Total average number of stops per race: 47.9, i.e. 1.9 per driver
– Most pit stops in a race: 76 (Malaysia)
– Least pit stops in a race: 24 (United States)
– Fastest pit stop time: 2.31s (McLaren / Jenson Button at the German Grand Prix)

– Number of overtaking manoeuvres in 2012: 994 (not including Brazil)
– Most overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race: 90 at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix
– Most overtaking manoeuvres in a wet race: 76 at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix
– Least overtaking manouevres in a dry race: 12 at the Monaco Grand Prix

Other interesting numbers
– Total kilometres driven by all the P Zero compounds in 2012 (races and tests): Hard – 101,692; Medium – 121,840; Soft – 123,270; Supersoft – 21,993; Intermediate – 13,770; Wet – 7,930
– Coldest track/ground temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: United States Grand Prix at 11 degrees Celsius (17.11.); coldest overall: Jerez winter testing at 0 degrees Celsius (10.02.)
– Hottest track/ground temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: Brazilian Grand Prix at 55 degrees Celsius (23.11.)
– Coldest air/ambient temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: United States Grand Prix at 4 degrees Celsius (17.11); coldest overall: Jerez winter testing at -2 degrees Celsius (10.11.)
– Hottest air/ambient temperatures Pirelli P Zero tyres have run: Grand Prix of Europe at 37 degrees Celsius (21.06.)
– Amount of time spent downloading all tyre data on the RTS system this year (incl. tests): 92 hrs
– Number of track/air temperature taken by tyre fitter per race weekend: 124
– Total distance travelled by all F1 tyres in 2012 (off-track): 216,967 kms

Pirelli F1 and its people
– Total number of Pirelli people travelling to each race: 52
– Total number of nationalities within the Pirelli F1 team: 10
– Average amount of hours spent by each Pirelli staff member on a plane this year: 192 hrs (or 8 days!)
– Number of Pirelli wristbands given out during the season in the paddock: 4,450
– Total number of hotel nights booked for the Pirelli team: 1,498

Pirelli’s F1 Trucks & Hospitality
– Total amount of trucks at European races: 13
– Total average kilometres travelled by each Pirelli truck in 2012: 31,125 kms
– Numbers of meals served at the Pirelli F1 hospitality (incl. tests): 24,132
– Number of coffees served by Pirelli hospitality during the season: 28,350
– Number of different pasta recipes cooked by Pirelli’s chef this year: 314
– Amount of mascarpone used for tiramisu and other dolci: 205 kgs

Pirelli in Formula One overall (since 1950)
– Races started: 242
– Wins: 83
– Pole positions: 86
– Podium places: 256
– Fastest laps: 90
– Constructors Championships: 2

Race: Button wins, Vettel for the 3rd time in a row World Champion!!!

Button wins a crazy Brazil GP ahead of Alonso and Massa, Vettel was 6th and that was enough to secure his 3rd title in a row.

At the start of the race Hamilton pulled away from the pole, Vettel had a bad start and was passed by Hülkenberg and Alonso. Than Vettel was hit by Senna on the inside of Turn 4, Vettel faced the wrong direction after the collision and was on the 24th Position.

Perez and Maldonado were also taking out of the race because of this collision.

Mean while there was much action on the circuit.

Alonso passes Massa and Webber on the start/finish line to secure 3rd Position. But in lap 5 Alonso locked up his brakes in Turn 1 and was just on the 5th position behind Hülkenberg a, the rain was getting worse, now the strategies are coming to play.

After lap 5 the order was like this: Hamilton ahead of Button, Hülkenberg, Alonso,Webber, Massa, di Resta, Kobayashi, Rosberg and Ricciardo on 10th position. Vettel 13th ahead of Raikkönnen, Glock 17th. Than Schumacher had a tire failure and fall back in 21st position. Grosjean spun and crashed against the wall in Turn 11. Kobayashi had spun out Webber in lap 7 and Button passes Hamilton for the lead in lap 8, Vettel was already in 8th position. There was still light rain, so the question was, do i saty on the dry tires or should i change to Intermediates?

Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton came for Inter’s in lap 11, Hülkenberg and Button stayed on track with medium tires, what was the right desicion. The rain was getting weaker, the track was getting dryer. In lap 19 Hülkenberg was much qicker than Button and overtoke in Turn 1 for the lead!!!

Hamilton, Alonso, Kobayashi, Rosberg and di Resta changed to medium/hard tires. Vettel came in for hard compounds in lap 21 and came directly behind Alonso on to the circuit. Rosberg was driving over a broken part of the Williams from Senna from the 1st lap collision and destroyed his rear right tire. Because this parts where all over this corner the Safety Car was deployed for 5 laps.

The advantage from Hülkenberg and Button over the other drivers was gone.

Hülkenberg was making a good restart and had a lead over 2.4 seconds ahead of Button. Further behind Vettel was attaked by his teammate Webber on the outside of Turn 1, but Webber lost it and rejoined the field on the 14th position. In lap 31, Hamilton overtoke Button for 3rd position and Kobayashi overtoke Alonso for 4th Position, Alonso passed him back one lap later. Vettel was passing Massa in the DRS-Zone for 7th position and was driving very defensiv.

Hülkenberg couldn’t quite match the pace and Hamilton was coming closer and closer per lap. In lap 42 the rain was coming back, but it was still light rain. The conditions were still tricky though.

The rain was getting worse in lap 47 and Hülkenberg nearly spun out in Turn 7, that were Petrov spun out earlier. Hamilton passed Hülkenberg becuase of this mistake. By Red Bull mean while, the desicions had to be maked, Vettel came in lap 53 for medium tires and falled back the leaderboard to 10th position. Hülkenberg was getting faster than Hamilton and tryed a inside overtake on the wet side of the track-with catastrophic consequences. Hülkenberg slided into Hamilton and destroyed the front left tire from Hamilton, who had to retire. Hülkenberg was still second after the collision though.

Alonso was mean while on the 3rd position and the rain was still making the track slippery. The team radio from Vettel failed, so he couldn’t tell his team that he wanted to change to inter’s in the next lap. That why the mechanics weren’t prepared and the pitstop toke very long.

Alonso was driving his last lap with his hard compound and nearly spun out of the track. Hülkenberg had to do a Drive Trough Penalty because of his collision with Hamilton, so Alonso was 3rd and his teammate Massa second who let him pass in lap 61. At this point Vettel was 7th.

In lap 65 Vettel passed Schumacher for 6th position. It was looking to be a showdown between Alonso and Vettel.

But then lap 70 and Di Resta had a nasty accident in Turn 14. The last lap was under the Safety-Car and as Vettel crossed the line he was the youngest triple world campion of all time and just the third after Fangio and Schumacher to be a triple world champion in F1 history. Button wins the Brazil GP and that was hi 3rd win of the year after Melbourne and Spa.

It has been a incredible, fantastic, epic season with a unbelievable finale here at the Brazil GP. Congrats to Sebastian Vettel to his World Championship 2012.

Hope to see you’ll soon in March 2013 when the new F1 season is starting in Melbourne to the Australian GP.

Have a great time before then!!!

Full results of the Brazil GP 2012:

1 3 J. Button McLaren 71 1:45:22.656 174,179
2 5 F. Alonso Ferrari 71 +0:02.754 +0:02.754 174,103
3 6 F. Massa Ferrari 71 +0:03.615 +0:00.861 174,079
4 2 M. Webber Red Bull 71 +0:04.936 +0:01.321 174,043
5 12 N. Hülkenberg Force India 71 +0:05.708 +0:00.772 174,022
6 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 71 +0:09.453 +0:03.745 173,919
7 7 M. Schumacher Mercedes 71 +0:11.900 +0:02.447 173,852
8 17 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 71 +0:28.653 +0:16.753 173,393
9 14 K. Kobayashi Sauber 71 +0:31.250 +0:02.597 173,322
10 9 K. Räikkönen Lotus 70 +1 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 171,699
11 21 W. Petrow Caterham 70 +1 Rnd. +0:06.286 171,529
12 25 C. Pic Marussia 70 +1 Rnd. +0:01.698 171,483
13 16 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 70 +1 Rnd. +0:01.381 171,445
14 20 H. Kovalainen Caterham 70 +1 Rnd. +0:24.558 170,783
15 8 N. Rosberg Mercedes 70 +1 Rnd. +0:06.807 170,600
16 24 T. Glock Marussia 70 +1 Rnd. +0:01.832 170,551
17 22 P. de la Rosa HRT 69 +2 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 169,224
18 23 N. Karthikeyan HRT 69 +2 Rnd. +0:32.325 168,363
19 11 P. di Resta Force India 68 +3 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 174,600

FP1 & FP2 and Qualifying prediction.


Hamilton was dominating this Friday with two fastest FP times. He’s driving so good, because it’s his last GP for McLaren, so he wants to give everything to win this race and he wants to end the season on a high. So i would be not sursprised if Hamilton would take the pole tomorrow, otherwise he would be on P2-P3 for sure. Button was on P4 in FP1 and P8 in FP2, i think he will start on a P4-P9 Position.

Red Bull:

Vettel and Webber were on P2 and P3 in both FP’s. The track has fitted the car in the recent years and that was not different this time. Vettel has as always a very good chance to get the pole, but as i said, Hamilton will be very quick tomorrow and be a real challenger for Vettel. Webber will just try to get a P3-P5 Position.


Alonso was on P5 in both FP’s, that’s not looking so good compared to the time from Titlerival Vettel but the car is much better than in Austin. I think P5 is maximum, but we could see him also in the second row, if the car runs good. Massa has a good felling for the car again so i’m optimistic that he will drive a P4-P7 Position, but i will be not so optimistic that he would win the race (Massa said that he could win the Brazil GP for the third time in the Drivers Press conference, but when Alonso is behind him, Massa has to let him pass for sure).


Grosjean (P7/FP1, P9/FP2) was driving so fast like he was in a Qualifying session, for him P6-P9 tomorrow. Raikkönnen (P16/FP1, P12/FP2) was very slow today, but  as always he doesn’t show the potiential that he has in Quali and the race, for tomorrow P3-P6.

Mercedes AMG Petronas:

FP1 was bad for Mercedes, Schumacher was on P12 and his teammate Rosberg was on P18 (!). FP2 was than much better with P6 for Schumacher and P7 for Rosberg. They surprisingly fast in FP2, but i don’t think that Schumacher and Rosberg will have that speed tomorrow. That why Schumacher P8-P12, Rosberg P8-P14.


It seems like the car doesn’t really fit the circuit. Perez (P13/FP1, P14/FP2) will be on P11-P15 (he’s generally slow in Qualifying) and Kobayashi (P12/FP1, P16/ FP2) who is driving his last race for Sauber will be on P9-P14.

Sahara Force India:

The car is not very fast or very slow on this track, so we will see a normal but good Qualifying perfomance from Di Resta and Hülkenberg. Di Resta P8-P12, Hülkenberg P8-P12.


Maldonado showed his Qualifying strongnes with P9 in FP1, but in FP2 he was ending up in P17, so he could start with a P8-P14 Position. Bottas was on P14 in FP1, but Senna was more important, than it could be his last race for Williams. He was on P13 in FP2, what is ok, but i think the car could go faster. Senna for P12-P15 position.

Toro Rosso:

It’s not looking for Vergne to reach Q2, because today he was very slow (P17/ FP1, P18/ FP2). Ricciardo (P15/FP1, P16/FP2) is looking stronger than his teammate for Qualifying, he could be very fast tomorrow and could reach Q3 with P9 or P10. Or he ends in Q2 with a midfield position P11-P14.


Marussia was looking strong in Austin and was a real challenger for Caterham in the Constructeurs P10 position (of course also because of P12 from Glock from the Singapore GP). Now Caterham is faster again, so i think i will see Kovalainen on P19 and Petrov on P20.


Marussia is not looking strong for  Qualifying tomorrow. Glock was on P21 in FP1, so he was ahead of Petrov in the Caterham. But in FP2 Glock and Pic were behind HRT driver De La Rosa. Glock on P21-P24, Pic P22-P23.


It could be the very last race in the HRT history. They’re driving 13-15 laps in the FP’s, because they don’t have the money to replace the carparts. De La Rosa P22-P24, Kartikehyan P23-24.


Full results of FP1:

1 4 L. Hamilton McLaren 1:14.131 33
2 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 1:14.140 +0:00.009 +0:00.009 35
3 2 M. Webber Red Bull 1:14.198 +0:00.067 +0:00.058 34
4 3 J. Button McLaren 1:14.217 +0:00.086 +0:00.019 31
5 5 F. Alonso Ferrari 1:14.392 +0:00.261 +0:00.175 28
6 6 F. Massa Ferrari 1:14.716 +0:00.585 +0:00.324 29
7 10 R. Grosjean Lotus 1:14.719 +0:00.588 +0:00.003 33
8 11 P. di Resta Force India 1:14.738 +0:00.607 +0:00.019 34
9 18 P. Maldonado Williams 1:15.015 +0:00.884 +0:00.277 37
10 12 N. Hülkenberg Force India 1:15.050 +0:00.919 +0:00.035 32
11 7 M. Schumacher Mercedes 1:15.114 +0:00.983 +0:00.064 36
12 14 K. Kobayashi Sauber 1:15.255 +0:01.124 +0:00.141 31
13 15 S. Perez Sauber 1:15.396 +0:01.265 +0:00.141 32
14 19 V. Bottas Williams 1:15.413 +0:01.282 +0:00.017 23
15 16 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1:15.587 +0:01.456 +0:00.174 35
16 9 K. Räikkönen Lotus 1:15.701 +0:01.570 +0:00.114 16
17 17 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 1:16.048 +0:01.917 +0:00.347 35
18 8 N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:16.315 +0:02.184 +0:00.267 36
19 20 G. van der Garde Caterham 1:16.460 +0:02.329 +0:00.145 32
20 24 T. Glock Marussia 1:16.506 +0:02.375 +0:00.046 31
21 21 W. Petrow Caterham 1:16.617 +0:02.486 +0:00.111 30
22 25 C. Pic Marussia 1:17.234 +0:03.103 +0:00.617 26
23 22 P. de la Rosa HRT 1:17.678 +0:03.547 +0:00.444 15
24 23 N. Karthikeyan HRT 1:17.895 +0:03.764 +0:00.217 13

Full results of FP2:

1 4 L. Hamilton McLaren 1:14.026 35
2 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 1:14.300 +0:00.274 +0:00.274 40
3 2 M. Webber Red Bull 1:14.523 +0:00.497 +0:00.223 37
4 6 F. Massa Ferrari 1:14.553 +0:00.527 +0:00.030 37
5 5 F. Alonso Ferrari 1:14.592 +0:00.566 +0:00.039 37
6 7 M. Schumacher Mercedes 1:14.654 +0:00.628 +0:00.062 37
7 8 N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:14.669 +0:00.643 +0:00.015 40
8 3 J. Button McLaren 1:14.863 +0:00.837 +0:00.194 40
9 10 R. Grosjean Lotus 1:14.994 +0:00.968 +0:00.131 37
10 11 P. di Resta Force India 1:15.129 +0:01.103 +0:00.135 39
11 12 N. Hülkenberg Force India 1:15.131 +0:01.105 +0:00.002 40
12 9 K. Räikkönen Lotus 1:15.371 +0:01.345 +0:00.240 39
13 19 B. Senna Williams 1:15.432 +0:01.406 +0:00.061 45
14 15 S. Perez Sauber 1:15.542 +0:01.516 +0:00.110 35
15 14 K. Kobayashi Sauber 1:15.839 +0:01.813 +0:00.297 43
16 16 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1:15.902 +0:01.876 +0:00.063 39
17 18 P. Maldonado Williams 1:15.953 +0:01.927 +0:00.051 47
18 17 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 1:16.048 +0:02.022 +0:00.095 40
19 21 W. Petrow Caterham 1:16.126 +0:02.100 +0:00.078 39
20 20 H. Kovalainen Caterham 1:16.655 +0:02.629 +0:00.529 42
21 22 P. de la Rosa HRT 1:17.244 +0:03.218 +0:00.589 15
22 24 T. Glock Marussia 1:17.675 +0:03.649 +0:00.431 42
23 25 C. Pic Marussia 1:18.127 +0:04.101 +0:00.452 31
24 23 N. Karthikeyan HRT 1:18.139 +0:04.113 +0:00.012 15

FIA confirms DRS zone for Brazil

The FIA has confirmed that there will be one DRS zone at Interlagos this weekend for the 2012 world championship finale.

As in 2011, the activation zone is on the back straight leading from Curva do Sol (Turn 3) to Descida do Lago (Turn 4), with the detection zone at the apex of Turn 2.

Changes to the circuit ahead of thisd year’s race include the installation of new debris fences on both sides of the track between turns 3 and 4, while a kerb has been installed on the apex of turn 15. Tube inserts have also been placed in the tyre barrier at the end of the wall at the pit entry.

The stewards this weekend include eight times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, who also enjoyed success in the German F3 championship (1991), the Japanese F3 championship (1993) and was ALMS champion in 2001.

A popular and respected figure, this year he has competed in the inaugural FIA World Endurance Championship, driving for Audi Sport Team Joest. Along with long-time team mates Dindo Capello and Allan McNish he won the first round of the championship at the 12 Hours of Sebring, making him the first man to win the race six times.

He is joined by Garry Connelly, Deputy President, FIA Institute, Australian Institute of Motor Sport Safety, F1 and WTCC Steward and World Motor Sport Council member and Silvia Bellot a graduate of the FIA Trainee Steward Programme.

Source: Pitpass.com 

Preview: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

The first Brazil GP was in 1973 won by Emerson Fittipaldi (Lotus), the pole came from Ronnie Peterson (Lotus).

Since then we had some memorable moments on this circuit.

Ayrton Senna’s first win at his Home Grand Prix 1991, the absolutley crazy chaotic and very wet  race in 2003 won by Kimi Raikkönnen (McLaren) and of course the fantastic championship battle between Massa and Hamilton 2008.

Massa won the race and was for 20 seconds the first Brazilian Champion after Ayrton Senna 1991, but Hamilton overtoke Glock for 5th position in the last corner on the last lap and that was enough to become the first British Champion since Damon Hill 1996 and the youngest F1 Champion ever (now beaten by Vettel in 2010).

The track is very fast, but has also a slow section with very twisty turns. The track has many height differences and is a hard challenge to find a good setup. At the most of the time the track is very hot and has a high air moisture, but this weekend will be rainy espesially in the race.

Alonso vs. Vettel? Who will win the Drivers Title? Vettel has a lead of 13 points ahead of Alonso, when Alonso wins Vettel has to be on P4 to become World Champion.

It will be very exciting, great and interesting weekend at the Brazil GP 2012.

The Brazil GP is this weekend and the final round of the FIA  Formula 1 World Championship.

Facts of the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Interlagos, Sao Paulo:

Lap length: 4.309 km

Race length. 71 laps

Total distance: 305, 909 km

Grip-Level:  Medium

Tire compounds: Medium/Hard

Tire wear: Medium

Brakes wear: low

Gear changes per Lap: 40

Top-Speed race: 314 km/h

Fuel consumption: low

Direction: Anti-clockwise

Numbers of left corners: 10

Numbers of right corners: 5

Numbers of GP’s: 29

Lap record Qualifying: 1:10.646 (Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari, 2004)

Lap record Race: 1:11.473 (Juan Pablo Montoya, Williams-BMW, 2004)

Most wins Driver: Michael Schumacher (4)

Most wins Teams: Ferrari (8)

Most points Driver: Michael Schumacher (88)

Most points Teams: Ferrari (221)

Most poles Driver: Rubens Barrichello, Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen, Felipe Massa (3)

Most poles Teams: McLaren, Williams (8)

Official Website: GP Brasil


Full results of Brazil GP 2011:

1 2 M. Webber Red Bull 71 1:32:17.464 198,877
2 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 71 +0:16.983 +0:16.983 198,269
3 4 J. Button McLaren 71 +0:27.638 +0:10.655 197,889
4 5 F. Alonso Ferrari 71 +0:35.048 +0:07.410 197,626
5 6 F. Massa Ferrari 71 +1:06.733 +0:31.685 196,509
6 14 A. Sutil Force India 70 +1 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 195,836
7 8 N. Rosberg Mercedes 70 +1 Rnd. +0:08.801 195,525
8 15 P. di Resta Force India 70 +1 Rnd. +0:09.949 195,176
9 16 K. Kobayashi Sauber 70 +1 Rnd. +0:04.590 195,015
10 10 W. Petrow Renault 70 +1 Rnd. +0:02.718 194,920
11 19 J. Alguersuari Toro Rosso 70 +1 Rnd. +0:03.248 194,806
12 18 S. Buemi Toro Rosso 70 +1 Rnd. +0:11.343 194,410
13 17 S. Perez Sauber 70 +1 Rnd. +0:10.745 194,037
14 11 R. Barrichello Williams 70 +1 Rnd. +0:04.327 193,887
15 7 M. Schumacher Mercedes 70 +1 Rnd. +0:04.159 193,743
16 20 H. Kovalainen Lotus 69 +2 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 191,921
17 9 B. Senna Renault 69 +2 Rnd. +0:29.690 190,905
18 21 J. Trulli Lotus 69 +2 Rnd. +0:08.208 190,626
19 25 J. D’Ambrosio Marussia-Virgin 68 +3 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 188,793
20 22 D. Ricciardo HRT 68 +3 Rnd. +0:20.846 188,092