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F1Head’s most read posts of 2012

Since the launch of F1Head in late june this year, a very good response has been received since then. The website crossed 18,700+ views since its launch. We would like to share with you the most read  posts in the website’s six month tenure. Here are F1Head’s ten most read posts from the year gone by…. 

1. 33 Classic Kimi Quotes (OCTOBER 18, 2012) To celebrate Lotus’ Iceman turning 33 today, I have put together 33 Kimi Raikkonen quotes from over the years.

2. 2013 F1 Constructors entry/participation fees (DECEMBER 1, 2012) 

3. 2013 F1 driver lineup so far

4. Caterham has an interest in Bruno Senna (DECEMBER 19, 2012) Caterham team boss, Frenchman Cyril Abiteboul, reported today that the Brazilian driver Bruno Senna may be the companion of the newcomer Charles Pic, who is already confirmed as a team driver for the 2013 season.

5. Heikki Kovalainen won’t bring sponsorship money to Caterham (NOVEMBER 6, 2012) Heikki Kovalainen says that he will not be able to bring any sponsorship money to Caterham next year even if it is a necessity.

6. F1 Drivers’ Birthday Dates

7. Qualifying: Teammates Head to Head Comparison

8. United States Grand Prix: Grid girls (images) (NOVEMBER 18, 2012)

9. DHL Fastest Lap Award – 2012

10. Number of Post Qualifying and Post Race press conferences (Combined) attended by drivers

2012 F1 Season Review

Australian GP, Melbourne, Albert Park Circuit:

Australian F1 Grand Prix - Race

McLaren had the best car to begin of the season. Ferrari’s car was bad and Red Bull’s car was not so dominating like in 2010 and 2011. They had Button and Hamilton ont the first row, Grosjean was third on the grid. Current World Champion Vettel was sixth, webber 4th. The race itself was great, Grosjean crashed already at the start of the race. Schumacher was second for a while before his Mercedes engine had a problem and had to retire. Maldonado fightet with Alonso for 5th position until the last lap where he crashed out. The rcae was won by Button ahead of Vettel and Hamilton.

Malayian GP, Sepang,  Sepang International Circuit:


As always in Malasyia, it was rainy at the race. In Quali Hamilton and Button completed the first front row. In the race Grosjean made trouble again as he spun Schumacher and him self out. The Williams drivers had also some issues at the start and both spun out. In a very tactical race with many weather issues, was it really difficult to choose between Intermediate, Wet tires or already on Dry tires. Vettel had some issues with Kartikehyan and was 11th at the end of the race.  At the end Alonso was surprisingly leading the field, but Perez in the Sauber was also surprisingly fast and could have won the GP if he didn’t made that mistake at the end of the race. Alonso won the Malasyian GP ahead of Perez and Hamilton.

China GP, Shanghai, Shanghai International Circuit:

Rosberg’s favourite track in recent years. He was making always good perfomances on this track, and this year it was a very good one. He was driving surprisingly to a fantistic Pole, with a very great Mercedes W03 this  weekend. Teammate Schumacher was second on the grid. It was the only GP that i have missed this season, but it was still a great race as i heard. Raikkönnen was 4th, but on the last lap he was 11th because of a tire wear issue. Rosberg won his first GP in his career in his 111th GP, teammate Schumacher had to retire becuase a tire was not well fixed in the box. Second was Button ahead of Hamilton in third-again.

Bahrain GP, Sakhir, Bahrain International Circuit:

The Bahrain GP was not one of the most exciting races of the season, still it the race was enjoyable. Vettel was on Pole, Hamilton was second, Webber third. But Raikkönnen battled with Vettel for the lead of the race. Rosberg was defending his 5th position against Hamilton and Alonso on the outside of the track. Vettel won his first GP of the season, Raikkönnen second and Grosjean on a sensational 3rd position.

Spain GP, Barcelona, Circuit de Catalunya:

Hamilton drove to Pole, but it was denied becuase he had a to small amount of fuel in the car. Maldonado was getting the pole and it was the first pole from Williams since Brazil 2010. Maldonado was surprisingly leading the race ahead of a hard charging Alonso on P2. Schumacher crashed into Senna and became a 10 grid penalty for the next race in Monaco. Vettel got a Drive trough penalty because he was to fast under yellow flags. Hmailton was fighting through the field and was at the end of the race from P24 on P7. Maldonado could hold his lead and was winning the race ahead of Alonso and  Raikkönnen on 3rd. But a fire in the Williams Box because of the KERS from Senna’s car overshadowed the win.

Monaco GP, Monte Carlo, Circuit de Monaco:

A very exciting GP, as always. Schumacher was driving to his first Pole of his comeback career, but ironicly he had his grid penalty so Webber was on Pole. Schuamcher crashed with Grosjean at the start of the race and Kobayashi was also involved. We didn’t see many overtakes, no surprise it’s really hard to make a good overtake in Monaco. But still it was exciting. Webber was followed by Rosberg, Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton and Massa like a train in the last few laps. Webber was stil winning his second Monaco GP after 2010 ahead of Rosberg and Alonso.

Canada GP, Montreal, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve:

Again another Canada GP, again another win there by Hamilton and this for the 3rd time!!! Vettel landed on Pole ahead of Hmailton and Alonso. After a good pit stop strategy, Hamilton was in the lead. Schumacher had a DRS failure and had to continue he destrases season. Vettel came for new tires, but only a few laps before the end of the race. Alonso risked it and drove this stint through, it was a bad desicion. Grosjean and Perez were driving great with the tires and landet on the podium. Seven different winners in seven races.

European GP, Valencia (Spain), Valencia Street Circuit:

Vettel was on pole again and everybody thought that the Red Bull had the perfomnace from 2011 back. And it was looking like that in the race, until Vergne had a collision with Kovalainen and deployed a Safety Car. After the Safety Car in again Vettel became a problem with his alternator and had to retire. Than Grosjean led the race and also had to retire later because of a alternator problem. Alonsso, who was on P11 in Quali, was in the lead and won the race at the end. Ricciardo crashed with another Caterham, this time driven by Petrov. Maldonado was fighting with Hamilton for 3rd Position until he collided with him in Lap 55. Because of all this retirements, Raikkönnen was second and Schumacher was 3rd for first in his comeback career.

British GP, Silverstone, Silverstone Circuit:

In Qualifying there was very classic British rain, so Alonso was on Pole ahead of Webber. Schumacher was showing a good drive with P3. But the start of the race was dry. It was a enjoyable with many overtakes. But the most important one happend at the end of the race, where Webber was overtaking Alonso for the lead and won the race at the end. Grosjean showed some good overtakes despite his collision with Di Resta at the start. Maldonado was colliding this time with Perez, who was really angry and called Maldonado a ”stupid driver”.

German GP, Hockenheim, Hockenheimring:

The German GP was a great race. I couldn’t watch it live, because the ticket prise is just too high, and i wasn’t the only who was thinking like that. Only 56.000 people were coming to the race (2010, 62.000). Anyway Alonso was driving to Pole again and won the race, it should be his 3rd and last win in the season. Vettel was second in Quali and race. But overtoke Button for P2 at the end of the race in the run-off area and this isn’t allowed. He was getting a 10 seconds time penalty and was on P5 instead of P2. P2 was going to Button who has the fastest pit crew in the world with a world record breaking 2.1 seconds. Raikkönnen was coming on the podium again with P3.

Drivers’ championship table after 10 GP’s:

1. F. Alonso 154 10 25 2 6 18 15 10 25 18 25
2. M. Webber 120 12 12 12 12 25 6 12 25 4
3. S. Vettel 110 18 10 25 8 12 12 A 15 10
4. K. Räikkönen 98 6 10 18 15 2 4 18 10 15
5. L. Hamilton 92 15 15 15 4 4 10 25 4 A
6. N. Rosberg 76 25 10 6 18 8 8 1
7. J. Button 68 25 18 2 4 1 18
8. R. Grosjean 61 A A 8 15 12 A 18 A 8
9. S. Perez 47 4 18 A 15 2 A 8
10. K. Kobayashi 33 8 A 1 10 A 2 A 12
11. P. Maldonado 29 4 A 25 A
12. M. Schumacher 29 A 1 A 1 A A A 15 6 6
13. P. di Resta 27 1 6 8 6 6 A
14. F. Massa 23 A 2 8 1 12
15. N. Hülkenberg 19 A 2 1 4 10 2
16. B. Senna 18 8 6 A 1 1 2
17. J. Vergne 4 4 A
18. D. Ricciardo 2 2 A
19. H. Kovalainen 0 A
20. W. Petrow 0 A A S
21. T. Glock 0 A S
22. C. Pic 0 A A A
23. N. Karthikeyan 0 A A
24. P. de la Rosa 0 A A

Hungarian GP, Budapest, Hungaroring:

Hamilton was driving to his next pole. Schumacher stopped at the start of the race after a problem with the car. The start was first cancelled, than they restarted the race after Schumacher will start in the pits. Hamilton was leading the race but had some trouble with the tires and came in early. Grosjean was leading at this point but also had to do a pitstop later. With a good strategy, Raikkönnen could overtake teammate Grosjean for P2. Maldonado made some troulbe with the drivers again, this time he collided with Di Resta and got a Drive trough penalty. So Hamilton won the race ahead of Raikkönnen, who had chances to win the drivers title at this point and Grosjean on P3.

Belgian GP, Spa-Francorchamps, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps:

The Belgian is one of the highlights of the season with Monza, Suzuka and Monaco. Button was on pole but there were some surprises further back. Kobayashi was on P2 and teammate Perez on P5. Maldonado was on P3 showed his fast talent again. But the good startposition from this drivers should be all destroyed in seconds. Maldonado was little bit to nervous and jumped the start, but the really worst was to come. Grosjean closed the inside for Hamilton, they collided together and it all ended in massive start crash. Included in this crash was Grosjean, Hamilton, Alonso, Kobayashi and Perez. Alonso was nearly hitten by the front nose from the Lotus against his head and would have lost his live if this would have happend. Raikkönnen made a fantastic and very rare pass in the famous Eau Rouge corner. Vettel battled with Schumacher for P3 at the Busstop chicane. Button won the race, Vettel was second and another podium finish from Raikkönnen. Hülkenberg drove a fantastic race with P4 in his Force India. Grosjean was banned for the Italian GP. The FIA talked about bringing a roof above the cockpit  limit a head injury by a flying car or wheel. But Ecclestone was already strictly against it. Raikkönnen said his opinion to this in one sentence:’ If the sport is to dangerous for you, you’re here in the wrong place”.

Italian GP, Monza, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza:

Again there was no win by Ferrari, this time it was McLaren with there 3rd GP win in a row. Hamilton won the race his teammate Button retired with a engine problem and lost the connection to the championship battle. Vettel had a failed alternator again, at this point Red Bull was really at there lowest point of the season, because some laps later Webber had also to retire after a tire puncture. Perez was making a stunning performance again. He overtoke Massa and Alonso at the end of the race to get his 3rd podium finish of the season. Vergne flew high when he was jumping on the curb of the first corner (Red Bull gives you wings guys ;). Hamilton won ahead of Perez and Alonso. Hamilton was back for his title hopes.

Singapore GP, Marina Bay, Marina Bay Street Circuit:

Hamilton was on Pole ahead of Maldonado and Vettel. Hamilton had a good start, Vettel overtoke Maldonado for P2 in Turn 3. Unfortunately Hamilton had a broken gearbox and had to retire, Many were thinking that this retirement was crucial for the Mercedes move next season. Massa made a spectacular move on Senna as he was drifting and overtaking on the inside at the same time!! So Vettel was leading and kept the lead until the end and won his 2nd GP of the year. Button was 2nd and Alonso 3rd. Maldonado couldn’t do anything with his good start position after his collision with Vergne.

Japanese GP, Suzuka, Suzuka International Racing Course:

Vettel was on Pole on his favourite racetrack, Webber was close to him in P2 and Button was giving everything to bring his championship hopes alive. Title contender Alonso had a race to forget and i think without this crash he would had a better chance to win the driver’s title. He collided with Raikkönnen at the start of the race, made a rally drift and ended on the oppisite of the track. Grosjean made carnage again at the start of the race after his one race ban. He collided with Webber and spun him out who also had contact with Rosberg. All this happend at the first corner. Perez tried a move on Hamilton at the slowest part of the track and spun out into the barriers- Vettel showed his domination from last year again and won the race ahead of  Massa, who had a good strategy and had his first podium since Korea 2010 and Kobayashi on a fantastic 3rd. All japanese were screaming ‘Kobayashi’ at the driver’s podium, it was a great moment for Kobayashi and F1 fans and it was very memorable.

(South) Korea GP, Yeongam, Korea International Circuit:

It was a full Red Bull front row for the start of the race. Webber was on Pole but was letting Vettel passed at the long DRS straight. At the end of the long straight there was big collision between Kobayashi, Button and Rosberg. Kobayashi braked to late and crashed into both of the cars, all three had to retire from the race. Teammate Perez had a tire puncture after a collision and also had to retire. Vergne and Ricciardo had great teamwork as they were driving through the field and making some great passes. Hamilton had again bad luck, this time he had no gearbox problem, this time he was dragging the dstroyed carpet from the racetrack for last few laps of the race. Vettel won the race ahead of Webber and Alonso.

Indian GP, Noida, Buddh International Circuit:

Vettel with a pole-again. The less exciting races were coming with Vettel winning a race again. This ”Hermann Thilke tracks” are suiting the RB8 to good. After a great three-wide battle between Alonso, Button and Hamilton on the DRS straight, the race was getting boring nad not more so exciting like the previous races. De la Rosa crashed after a scary brake failure on the bracking point and Maldonado collided with Kobayashi and was landing on the gravel trap. As i said Vettel won, ahead of Alonso and Webber. Vettel was back in the championship lead.

Abu Dhabi GP,  Yas Island, Yas Marina Circuit:

I thought this race will be really boring, but it was the best race of the season. Vettel NOT on pole, this time he was 3rd, but he had a to small amount of fuel in the tank, so he had to start from 24th position. Beacuse Red Bull wanted to build the car especially for this ”last position” situation, they had to start fro the box. Hamilton was on pole ahead of Webber and Raikkönnen. Hamilton started perfectly, Webber’s start failed again and Raikkönnen moved to P2 before Turn 1. Further back was carnage with Hülkenberg, Di Resta and Senna crashing against each other. Vettel rushed through the field until he hit Senna with his frontwing and damaged it. Then Rosberg crashed against the rearwing from Kartikehyan and flew in the air until his crash ended in the barrier. The Safety Car was deployed for 5 laps. Ricciardo was braking very hard on the DRS straight, Vettel didn’t expect that and nearly rushed into him. After the restart Hamilton had a gearbox problem-again on lap 35. Now Raikkönnen led the race. Webber had a carnage race, he collided with Massa and Maldonado in the same corner and later in the race he collided with the Lotus from Grosjean after Grosjean was trying to avoid the ahead spinning Perez. Raikkönnen was holding the lead until the end and was the 8th GP winner in 2012 and it was the first Lotus win since Estoril in 1987 with the legendary Ayrton Senna. 2nd was Alonso ahead of a spectacular driving Vettel in 3rd.  And two sentences will be always rememberd after this crazy race: ” Leave me alone, i know what i’m doing”  and Yes, yes, yes i’m doing that all the time from our great Kimi Raikkönnen in the Team Radio with his engineer.

US GP,  Austin (Texas), Circuit of the Americas (CoTA):

The first US GP since 2007 was under way back again in 2012, but not this time in Indianapolis. This time it was at the brand new CoTA circuit in Texas. This Hermann Thilke track was very well designed with special turns like Turn1 where it goes uphill to this corner. Or the turns 2-6 are like the Meggets and Bekkets corners at Silverstone, but not the same. Vettel could habe been champion already, but it didn’t happen. Vettel was on pole ahead of Hamilton and Webber. Alonso moved one position forward becuase his teammte Massa had got a time penalty for changing the gearbox. But Ferrari made this gearbox change deliberate to bring Alonso in a better position for the driver’s title. The race was enjoyable with many overtakes, the best one came from Raikkönnen where he overtoke Hülkenberg on the outside through the esses. The most important overtake was on lap 42 where Hamilton overtoke Vettel for the lead of the race and kept it for his last GP win for McLaren. Vettel 2nd and Alonso 3rd.

Brazilian GP, Interlagos (Sao Paulo), Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace:

The final round of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2012. It has been a long, though, crazy and unpredictable season but only two drivers had chances to be World Champion, Vettel or Alonso-who will win? Hamilton was on pole, Vettel 3rd and Alonso on weak 8th position. Vettel had a bad start to the race where lost two places before Turn 1. But after the straight, beginning at Turn 3, he had a collision with Senna in the Williams and spun out. He was last and the championship hopes were very low, at this point Alonso was 5th until he overtoke Massa and Webber in lap 2. Than rain was starting to fall, Vettel was already in the Top 15 after Lap 5. Grosjean spun out and crashed against the barriers just like Di Resta did in lap 70. Hülkenberg was nealy winning his first GP before hitting Hamilton, who had to retire. Vettel was driving through the field and was 7th until Schumacher let him pass for 6th and Raikkönnen was using Apple Maps to comeback to the racetrack after driving on the old racepart. 6th was enough for Vettel to secure his 3rd world championship in a row, Button won the GP and Alonso looked very angry after parking his 2nd placed Ferrari in the Parc Ferme. Massa was on a fantastic 3rd.

The next GP is in a Australia, Melbourne on March 17 of FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2013.

All Grand Prix’s of the 2012 season:

01. Australia / Melbourne 18. March Jenson Button
02. Malaysia / Sepang 25. March Fernando Alonso
03. China / Shanghai 15. April Nico Rosberg
04. Bahrain / Sakhir 22. April Sebastian Vettel
05. Spain / Barcelona 13. May Pastor Maldonado
06. Monaco / Monte Carlo 27. May Mark Webber
07. Canada / Montréal 10. June Lewis Hamilton
08. Europe / Valencia 24. June Fernando Alonso
09. Great Britian / Silverstone 8. July Mark Webber
10. Germany / Hockenheim 22. July Fernando Alonso
11. Hungary / Hungaroring 29. July Lewis Hamilton
12. Belgian / Spa-Francorchamps 02. September Jenson Button
13. Italia / Monza 09. September Lewis Hamilton
14. Singapore / Singapur 23. September Sebastian Vettel
15. Japan / Suzuka 07. Oktober Sebastian Vettel
16. Southkorea / Yeongam 14. Oktober Sebastian Vettel
17. India / Noida 28. Oktober Sebastian Vettel
18. Abu Dhabi / Abu Dhabi 04. November Kimi Räikkönen
19. USA / Austin 18. November Lewis Hamilton
20. Brazil / Interlagos 25. November Jenson Button

F1 Drivers Championship after 20 GPs 2012:

1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault
2 Fernando Alonso Ferrari-Ferrari
3 Kimi Räikkönen Lotus-Renault
4 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes
5 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes
6 Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault
7 Felipe Massa Ferrari-Ferrari
8 Romain Grosjean Lotus-Renault
9 Nico Rosberg Mercedes-Mercedes
10 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari
11 Nico Hulkenberg Force India-Mercedes
12 Kamui Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari
13 Michael Schumacher Mercedes-Mercedes
14 Paul di Resta Force India-Mercedes
15 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Renault
16 Bruno Senna Williams-Renault
17 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso-Ferrari
18 Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso-Ferrari
19 Heikki Kovalainen Caterham-Renault
= Vitaly Petrov Caterham-Renault
= Timo Glock Marussia-Cosworth
= Charles Pic Marussia-Cosworth
= Pedro de la Rosa HRT-Cosworth
= Narain Karthikeyan HRT-Cosworth
= Jerome d’Ambrosio Lotus-Renault

Constructuers Championship after 20 GPs 2012:

1. Red Bull Racing                                       460

2. Scuderia Ferrari                                     400

3. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes           378

4. Lotus F1 Team                                          303

5. Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team    142

6. Sauber F1 Team126

7. Sahara Force India F1 Team    109

8. Williams F1 Team         76

9. Scuderia Toro Rosso   26

10. Caterham F1 Team    0

11. Marussia F1 Team      0

12. HRT F1 Team               0