DHL Fastest Lap Award – 2013


DHL Fastest Lap Award – 2012

Australian GP: Kimi Raikkonen (1:29.274)

Malaysian GP: Sergio Perez (1:39.199)

Chinese GP: Sebastian Vettel (1:36.808)

Bahrain GP: Sebastian Vettel (1:36.961)

Spanish GP: Esteban Gutierrez (1:26.217)

Monaco GP: Sebastian Vettel (1:16.577)

Canadian GP:  Mark Webber(1:16.182)

British GP:  Mark Webber (1:33.401)

German GP: Fernando Alonso (1:33.468)

Hungarian GP: Mark Webber (1:24.069)

Belgian GP: Sebastian Vettel (1:50.756)

Italian GP: Lewis Hamilton (1:25.849)

Singapore GP: Sebastian Vettel (1:48.574)

South Korean GP: ()

JapaneseGP: ()

Indian GP: ()

Abu Dhabi GP: ()

United States GP: ()

Brazilian GP: ()


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