F1: Vettel wins the Bahrain GP

Great lead battle in the first laps


Rosberg had a good start, meanwhile Alonso was on the outside of Vettel into Turn 1 and overtoke, but Vettel got the position back at Turn 5.

Sutil collided with Massa, Massa damaged his front wing and Sutil got rear puncture and was at the end of the field.

Vettel overtoke Rosberg in Lap 2 for the lead, Alonso passed Rosberg one lap later.

Vergne had a collision with Van der Garde and lost his frontwing.

He was the only retirement of the race.

Vettel has the race under control


Alonso meanwhile had problems with his rear wing.

The flap for the DRS system jammed up and he had too pit early, it was the end of his winning hopes.

Lotus had a fantastic strategy again with Raikkönnen and Grosjean, both of them landed on P2 and P3.

Rosberg couldn’t show the pace he had in Qualifying and dropped back the order, he was even out of the Top 10.

He’s teammate however had a strong race and battled with Webber for P5 until the end of the GP and when Hamilton overtoke him at the last lap, Webber was even losing P6 against Perez, who had a aggressive style driving today.

Di Resta was for a long time on a fantastic 3rd Position, but lost it againnst Grosjean on lap 52.

Perez surprisingly aggressive drive


I think i’ve never seen Perez so aggressive in a GP like this one.

He was absolutley flying. He had some tough battling with teammate Button, what brought me at the edge of my seat.

Button was moaning several times about the driving style from Perez and said to the team that their should ”calm him down”.

But he wasn’t, Perez had also some hard battling with Alonso.

I think some people will disagree with me, but i liked the Perez from today, he wants to show more and doesn’t want a number 2 status in his team.

I don’t think that the McLaren is so bad as it looks like, i even think it’s a quite good car, just the drivers weren’t getting the full potential out of it.

It was a great race from Perez, it would be great when he keeps this form of driving, but don’t do it like Grosjean last year Checo, you can drive aggressive but also on a intelligent way.

This GP proofs. The Bahrain GP isn’t always boring


Ok the track itself is boring just like the whole atmosphere there. But this has to be the best Bahrain GP yet.

I have never saw so much excitement and overtakes there like today.

Now we have a three week break again and the Europe season start at the Spanish GP at Barcelona on the 10-12th May.

Results of the 2013 Bahrain GP:


1 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 57 1:36:00.498 192,632
2 7 K. Räikkönen Lotus 57 +0:09.111 +0:09.111 192,328
3 8 R. Grosjean Lotus 57 +0:19.507 +0:10.396 191,982
4 14 P. di Resta Force India 57 +0:21.727 +0:02.220 191,908
5 10 L. Hamilton Mercedes 57 +0:35.230 +0:13.503 191,461
6 6 S. Perez McLaren 57 +0:35.998 +0:00.768 191,436
7 2 M. Webber Red Bull 57 +0:37.244 +0:01.246 191,395
8 3 F. Alonso Ferrari 57 +0:37.574 +0:00.330 191,384
9 9 N. Rosberg Mercedes 57 +0:41.126 +0:03.552 191,267
10 5 J. Button McLaren 57 +0:46.631 +0:05.505 191,085
11 16 P. Maldonado Williams 57 +1:06.450 +0:19.819 190,435
12 11 N. Hülkenberg Sauber 57 +1:12.933 +0:06.483 190,224
13 15 A. Sutil Force India 57 +1:16.719 +0:03.786 190,100
14 17 V. Bottas Williams 57 +1:21.511 +0:04.792 189,944
15 4 F. Massa Ferrari 57 +1:26.364 +0:04.853 189,787
16 19 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 56 +1 Rnd. +1 Rnd.
17 20 C. Pic Caterham 56 +1 Rnd.
18 12 E. Gutierrez Sauber 56 +1 Rnd.
19 22 J. Bianchi Marussia 56 +1 Rnd.
20 23 M. Chilton Marussia 56 +1 Rnd.
21 21 G. van der Garde Caterham 55 +2 Rnd. +1 Rnd.

Drivers world champioship after the 4th GP of the year in Bahrain:

1. S. Vettel 77 15 25 12 25
2. K. Räikkönen 67 25 6 18 18
3. L. Hamilton 50 10 15 15 10
4. F. Alonso 47 18 A 25 4
5. M. Webber 32 8 18 A 6
6. F. Massa 30 12 10 8
7. R. Grosjean 26 1 8 2 15
8. P. di Resta 20 4 A 4 12
9. N. Rosberg 14 A 12 A 2
10. J. Button 13 2 10 1
11. S. Perez 10 2 8
12. A. Sutil 6 6 A A
13. D. Ricciardo 6 A 6
14. N. Hülkenberg 5 S 4 1
15. J. Vergne 1 1 A
16. V. Bottas 0
17. P. Maldonado 0 A A
18. E. Gutierrez 0 A
19. J. Bianchi 0
20. C. Pic 0
21. G. van der Garde 0
22. M. Chilton 0

Constructuers table  after the 4th GP of the year in Bahrain:

1.Red Bull 109

2.Lotus 93

3.Ferrari 77

4.Mercedes-Benz 64

5.Force India 26

6.McLaren 23

7.Toro Rosso 7

8.Sauber 5

9.Williams 0

10.Marussia 0

11.Caterham 0

2013 Chinese Grand Prix Preview


The wait has been long for the Formula 1 fans throughout the world for the third race of the season. Three weeks ago Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing took the honors at Malaysia, though Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber have negotiated to an extent, Sebastian Vettel has clearly come out and said that he had no regrets for winning the race three weeks ago and that is what is was being paid to do.

Last time this year in China, the Silver Arrows team locked out the front row with Nico Rosberg on pole and Nico Rosberg took it all the way to the chequered flag without putting a foot wrong giving himself and Mercedes their first Grand Prix victory since 1955.

However, this year is different from last year.Last year the team made use of their unique Double Drag Reduction System (DDRS) giving them the boost on the straights and top speed. This year too they are contenders for winning the race as they have the second best car after Red Bull in qualifying trim and race trim. It wouldn’t be surprising if they beat the Bulls on Sunday using a clever tyre strategy and look after them for a longer time during a stint.

Lotus too are expected to challenge the above two teams as they can win the tyre preservation game very well.

Ferrari are bringing updates to this race and will be testing them on Friday, they are expected to be quick in qualifying.

McLaren after their dismal start to the season, for the first time since 2009 are bringing a raft of updates and the team has already told both their drivers that they have no time whatsoever to waste on Friday. The team believe that they have pinpointed the exact issues with their 2013 challenger and are hoping it to fix it this weekend.

Among the midfield teams Force India are expected to be good around the Shanghai International Circuit as their cars have good straight line speeds.

Sauber too have decided to bring test parts to this race and examine them on Friday.

Williams are expected to continue with their problems and are not expected to come over them.

Toro Rosso are still where they were last year and are not expected to challenge teams like Force India and Sauber just yet.

Marussia with Jules Bianchi have impressed so far this season with a car which he has driven for a very less duration of time in testing. The team have said that they will be bringing updates to this race and close the gap further more to teams such as Toro Rosso.

Caterham on the other hand have been on the last row ever since the start of the season and are making slow progress, the team is expected to remain where they are even this weekend.

A lap around the Shanghai International Circuit


Turns 1 and 2 make up a very long right-hand curve which leads immediately into turns 3 and 4, a very long left-hand curve. One and two are far more difficult – a lift on entry followed by various taps of the throttle and brakes are needed so the car maintains balance throughout. It also becomes blind towards the middle of the corner. Three and four are nowhere near as difficult but a good exit is needed to gain speed down the following straight and through turn 5. Turn 6 is a second gear, right-handed hairpin with plentiful run-off. Turns 7 and 8 make up a high speed chicane – the left-right complex sees a constant G-force of 3 and a minimum speed of about 100 mph. Turns 9 and 10 immediately follow – two slow left-handers which require a good exit to gain speed down the next straight. Turns 11 and 12 effectively make up a slow left-right chicane where the use of kerbs are important but traction is low. Turn 13 is a very long right-hander which becomes less and less tight, and a very good exit is important as the longest straight in F1 follows. It is the equivalent to 11 football pitches laid end to end, or the same length as three and a half of the world’s biggest aircraft carriers Turn 14 is a hairpin at the end of the straight – the second gear corner is a prime overtaking spot as DRS is available in the run up to the corner. Turn 16 is the last corner – a fourth-gear left-hander which requires a quick tap on the brakes – braking early can be more effective as you can then carry more speed through the corner and then down the pit straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVGnmXc5eBE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The total length of the circuit is 5.451 km (3.387 mi), which is about average for a Formula One circuit. The lap record was set by Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher in 2004. He completed one lap of the circuit in 1:32.238.

From the weather point of view it is expected to be 100% dry throughout the weekend which is crucial for teams such as McLaren.

From the tyre point of view Pirelli are bringing the Pirelli P Zero yellow (soft)and Pirelli P Zero White (medium). The driver who nurses his tyre will be standing on the top step of the podium on Sunday.

An excited race is in the waiting for all the fans around the world.