Vettel wins controversial Malaysian GP

Sebastian Vettel wins a controversial Malaysian GP ahead of his teammate Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso crashes out at the start of the race


Vettel makes a good start, just as his teammate Webber, what was a bit unusual.

Alonso tried to overtake Vettel on the outside into Turn 1 but made contact in the entry to Turn 2.

Alonso’s frontwing was damaged.

In the 2nd lap on the start/finish line he drove over his frontwing and ended in the graveltrap at Turn 1. He had to retire.

Fights between teammates


Webber had a good strategy so he came ahead of Vettel. Vettel left a gap for a while, but it all changed very soon.

The team wanted Vettel to slow down, because he came closer and closer to Webber.

The most controversial moment of the race was the battle between Webber and Vettel.

Vettel made a attempt on Webber on lap 42 in the 2nd DRS zone.

They were side by side through the Turns 1-4 of this lap until Vettel overtoke Webber finally on the outside out of Turn 4.

But that wasn’t the only battle between teammates in this GP.

Rosberg and Hamilton battled for the final podium spot.

It was enjoyable for the fans, but not for Ross Brawn.

Brawn wanted Rosberg to slow down, so they can keep the postions until the end. In contrast to Vettel, Rosberg didn’t really try to overtake Hamilton and kept 4th.

Chaos in the pits


But the most action was in the pits. Hamilton was driving into the pits of McLaren to have a quick chat with them, but i don’t think that the McLaren mechanics were interested, so Hamitlon drove finally to his right box.

Pic and Ricciardo had a collision in the pits and Toro Rosso got a fine of 10,000 pounds for this unsafe release.

Hülkenberg and Raikkönnen were side by side in the pits and McLaren and Force India had their problems with the pitstops.

Overall: Best Malaysian GP yet!!!


This was fantastic race from start to finish. Fantastic battles in the whole race and not a single safety car (!) and that in Malaysia.

Red Bull will have to say some words with Webber and Vettel, it could have all ended like Istanbul 2010.

After two race weekends in a row , F1 is coming back in 3 weeks to the Chinese GP in Shanghai.

1 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 56 1:38:56.681 188,231
2 2 M. Webber Red Bull 56 +0:04.298 +0:04.298 188,095
3 10 L. Hamilton Mercedes 56 +0:12.181 +0:07.883 187,846
4 9 N. Rosberg Mercedes 56 +0:12.640 +0:00.459 187,831
5 4 F. Massa Ferrari 56 +0:25.648 +0:13.008 187,422
6 8 R. Grosjean Lotus 56 +0:35.564 +0:09.916 187,110
7 7 K. Räikkönen Lotus 56 +0:48.479 +0:12.915 186,707
8 11 N. Hülkenberg Sauber 56 +0:53.044 +0:04.565 186,564
9 6 S. Perez McLaren 56 +1:12.357 +0:19.313 185,965
10 18 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 56 +1:27.124 +0:14.767 185,509
11 17 V. Bottas Williams 56 +1:28.610 +0:01.486 185,463
12 12 E. Gutierrez Sauber 55 +1 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 184,730
13 22 J. Bianchi Marussia 55 +1 Rnd. +0:53.934 183,068
14 20 C. Pic Caterham 55 +1 Rnd. +0:34.242 182,028
15 21 G. van der Garde Caterham 55 +1 Rnd. +0:08.984 181,757
16 23 M. Chilton Marussia 54 +2 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 180,966
17 5 J. Button McLaren 53 +3 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 185,380







P.Di Resta

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