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The 2012 season ended last sunday at the Brazilian Grand Prix, and with it, the championship was decided. It was a fantastic race full of incidents, twists and turns and at the end of the race, Vettel had won the championship, by just three points over Fernando Alonso. Everyone went home happy.

But Sky Sports F1 brought to light a possible incident, in fact two possible incidents, in which Sebastian seemingly overtook Pedro de la Rosa and Kamui Kobayashi under yellow flags. They analysed the footage live on air and there was uproar. ‘DISQUALIFY VETTEL’, people were tweeting while others were tweeting ‘FIA: Ferrari International Assistance’. Neither parties were looking at the event objectively and eventually it arose that Vettel made both overtakes under the Yellow/Red flag this indicates a slippy track. The passes were legal.

Everyone became relatively quiet except for some die-hard anti-vettel fans who maintained that he…

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