Bottas confirmed for Williams in 2013.

The finn Valtteri Bottas was confirmed as Number 2 driver by Williams in 2013. Bottas will drive his first F1 season with Pastor Maldonado. So Bruno Senna is out from the team and has no cockpit for the next season yet.

Bottas was driving in Formula Renault and the Formel 3 Euroseries. He won the Formula 3 Masters in Zandvoort twice (2009, 2010). He was never bader than fifth in any championships were he was driving. In 2011 he won the GP3 Series and got a Testdrive cockpit by Williams in 2010 He took part in 15 FP’s in 2011 & 2012 .

He wanted to concetrate on the Testdrive job in 2012 so didn’t drove in a other Formula series in that year. Bottas is a very talented driver and will perfom well next year, better than a Grosjean, who had good car but messed it up with his crashes and mistakes this season.  But one thing is sure, he deserved the driver’s seat by Williiams.

Valtteri Bottas’s career:

2000-2006: Kart career

2007: Formula Renault UK Winter Series (won the Championship, but couldn’t win it because he didn’t had the licence for it)

2008: Formula Renault Eurocup & Formula Renault Northern European Cup (he won 17 races overall and was champion in both series)

2009: Formula Three Euroseries & Masters of Formula 3 (3rd in the championship and Rookie of the season but he didn’t won a single race, winner of the Masters of Formula 3)

2010: Masters of Formula 3 & Formual Three Euroseries & Williams F1 testdriver (3rd in the championship again and he was the first driver ever to win the Masters of Formula 3 twice)

2011: GP3 Series & Williams F1 testdriver (Champion of the GP3 series wth ART GP, the same team he was driving in the F3 Euroseries, drove he’s first F1 FP at the Malaisyan GP)

2012: Williams F1 testdriver

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