Race: Button wins, Vettel for the 3rd time in a row World Champion!!!

Button wins a crazy Brazil GP ahead of Alonso and Massa, Vettel was 6th and that was enough to secure his 3rd title in a row.

At the start of the race Hamilton pulled away from the pole, Vettel had a bad start and was passed by Hülkenberg and Alonso. Than Vettel was hit by Senna on the inside of Turn 4, Vettel faced the wrong direction after the collision and was on the 24th Position.

Perez and Maldonado were also taking out of the race because of this collision.

Mean while there was much action on the circuit.

Alonso passes Massa and Webber on the start/finish line to secure 3rd Position. But in lap 5 Alonso locked up his brakes in Turn 1 and was just on the 5th position behind Hülkenberg a, the rain was getting worse, now the strategies are coming to play.

After lap 5 the order was like this: Hamilton ahead of Button, Hülkenberg, Alonso,Webber, Massa, di Resta, Kobayashi, Rosberg and Ricciardo on 10th position. Vettel 13th ahead of Raikkönnen, Glock 17th. Than Schumacher had a tire failure and fall back in 21st position. Grosjean spun and crashed against the wall in Turn 11. Kobayashi had spun out Webber in lap 7 and Button passes Hamilton for the lead in lap 8, Vettel was already in 8th position. There was still light rain, so the question was, do i saty on the dry tires or should i change to Intermediates?

Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton came for Inter’s in lap 11, Hülkenberg and Button stayed on track with medium tires, what was the right desicion. The rain was getting weaker, the track was getting dryer. In lap 19 Hülkenberg was much qicker than Button and overtoke in Turn 1 for the lead!!!

Hamilton, Alonso, Kobayashi, Rosberg and di Resta changed to medium/hard tires. Vettel came in for hard compounds in lap 21 and came directly behind Alonso on to the circuit. Rosberg was driving over a broken part of the Williams from Senna from the 1st lap collision and destroyed his rear right tire. Because this parts where all over this corner the Safety Car was deployed for 5 laps.

The advantage from Hülkenberg and Button over the other drivers was gone.

Hülkenberg was making a good restart and had a lead over 2.4 seconds ahead of Button. Further behind Vettel was attaked by his teammate Webber on the outside of Turn 1, but Webber lost it and rejoined the field on the 14th position. In lap 31, Hamilton overtoke Button for 3rd position and Kobayashi overtoke Alonso for 4th Position, Alonso passed him back one lap later. Vettel was passing Massa in the DRS-Zone for 7th position and was driving very defensiv.

Hülkenberg couldn’t quite match the pace and Hamilton was coming closer and closer per lap. In lap 42 the rain was coming back, but it was still light rain. The conditions were still tricky though.

The rain was getting worse in lap 47 and Hülkenberg nearly spun out in Turn 7, that were Petrov spun out earlier. Hamilton passed Hülkenberg becuase of this mistake. By Red Bull mean while, the desicions had to be maked, Vettel came in lap 53 for medium tires and falled back the leaderboard to 10th position. Hülkenberg was getting faster than Hamilton and tryed a inside overtake on the wet side of the track-with catastrophic consequences. Hülkenberg slided into Hamilton and destroyed the front left tire from Hamilton, who had to retire. Hülkenberg was still second after the collision though.

Alonso was mean while on the 3rd position and the rain was still making the track slippery. The team radio from Vettel failed, so he couldn’t tell his team that he wanted to change to inter’s in the next lap. That why the mechanics weren’t prepared and the pitstop toke very long.

Alonso was driving his last lap with his hard compound and nearly spun out of the track. Hülkenberg had to do a Drive Trough Penalty because of his collision with Hamilton, so Alonso was 3rd and his teammate Massa second who let him pass in lap 61. At this point Vettel was 7th.

In lap 65 Vettel passed Schumacher for 6th position. It was looking to be a showdown between Alonso and Vettel.

But then lap 70 and Di Resta had a nasty accident in Turn 14. The last lap was under the Safety-Car and as Vettel crossed the line he was the youngest triple world campion of all time and just the third after Fangio and Schumacher to be a triple world champion in F1 history. Button wins the Brazil GP and that was hi 3rd win of the year after Melbourne and Spa.

It has been a incredible, fantastic, epic season with a unbelievable finale here at the Brazil GP. Congrats to Sebastian Vettel to his World Championship 2012.

Hope to see you’ll soon in March 2013 when the new F1 season is starting in Melbourne to the Australian GP.

Have a great time before then!!!

Full results of the Brazil GP 2012:

1 3 J. Button McLaren 71 1:45:22.656 174,179
2 5 F. Alonso Ferrari 71 +0:02.754 +0:02.754 174,103
3 6 F. Massa Ferrari 71 +0:03.615 +0:00.861 174,079
4 2 M. Webber Red Bull 71 +0:04.936 +0:01.321 174,043
5 12 N. Hülkenberg Force India 71 +0:05.708 +0:00.772 174,022
6 1 S. Vettel Red Bull 71 +0:09.453 +0:03.745 173,919
7 7 M. Schumacher Mercedes 71 +0:11.900 +0:02.447 173,852
8 17 J. Vergne Toro Rosso 71 +0:28.653 +0:16.753 173,393
9 14 K. Kobayashi Sauber 71 +0:31.250 +0:02.597 173,322
10 9 K. Räikkönen Lotus 70 +1 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 171,699
11 21 W. Petrow Caterham 70 +1 Rnd. +0:06.286 171,529
12 25 C. Pic Marussia 70 +1 Rnd. +0:01.698 171,483
13 16 D. Ricciardo Toro Rosso 70 +1 Rnd. +0:01.381 171,445
14 20 H. Kovalainen Caterham 70 +1 Rnd. +0:24.558 170,783
15 8 N. Rosberg Mercedes 70 +1 Rnd. +0:06.807 170,600
16 24 T. Glock Marussia 70 +1 Rnd. +0:01.832 170,551
17 22 P. de la Rosa HRT 69 +2 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 169,224
18 23 N. Karthikeyan HRT 69 +2 Rnd. +0:32.325 168,363
19 11 P. di Resta Force India 68 +3 Rnd. +1 Rnd. 174,600

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