Infiniti to become Red Bull Racing’s title partner from 2013

Red Bull Racing has confirmed an extension in the partnership with Japanese automotive brand Infiniti, which will see the brand become the team’s title sponsor.

Red Bull’s deal with Infiniti began in March last year, with their current deal now running for a further four years upto 2016.

“Red Bull Racing and Infiniti have been working on a number of initiatives since the start of our relationship in 2011″, said team principal Christian Horner.

“During that time, Infiniti has demonstrated significant technical prowess and I’ve been impressed by the depth of the wider engineering capabilities of the Nissan Motor Company. In terms of marketing, Infiniti has leveraged their involvement with Red Bull Racing and Formula One extremely effectively to become much better known in a short space of time. These two attributes make Infiniti the ideal title and technical partner for Red Bull Racing”.

The two companies will also be pursuing a technical partnership to strengthen the electronics department and many other departments.

“Formula One presents immense design and engineering challenges on a daily basis”, added technical director Adrian Newey. “Having a committed technical partner like Infiniti gives us a great platform for working together on technical projects, such as the Energy Recovery Systems for the 2014 season”.

The deal means the team will officially be known as Infiniti Red Bull Racing in 2013.


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