Lotus to use new Coandă exhaust system in America

Lotus will be bringing a new version of its Coandă exhaust system for the American GP, the team expect it to reclaim around six horsepower with the improved system.

Image by Formula1.com

Technical Director James Allison is confident of achieving another strong result like Abu Dhabi. Kimi Räikkönen gave the team its first victory of the season in Abu Dhabi last week. “We are still experimenting with the latest evolution of our Coandă system,” Allison explained of the exhaust.

“This delivers the same downforce as the one we introduced in Korea and used in the Abu Dhabi race, but does not sap as much power from the engine. We trialled this evolution in Abu Dhabi, but opted to go for the known quantity of the Korea-spec.” “Now we have the young driver test behind us, we are confident that this evolution will assist with around an extra six horsepower for the last two races of the season. We also have a little aero upgrade to the front wing too.”

Lotus are fourth in the Constructors’ standings, trail McLaren by 30 points. 86 points are still available in the final two races to be achieved.

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