Pirelli says it will alter all tyre compounds for 2013 F1 season

Pirelli plans a further shake-up of its tyres for 2013 in a bid to keep the racing exciting – but has promised to make life easier for the teams.


Following its most recent testing at Barcelona, Pirelli believes the best way of spicing things up for next year is to make revisions to both the compound and construction of its rubber.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “We will change, I am quite sure, all the compounds next year. Probably the intermediate compound is the only one that will stay the same.

“If anything, we will try and make it a little bit easier for the teams to have a wider working range but, having said that, we are probably to go for some more aggressive compounds as well.

“As you’ve seen this year, we have averaged one pitstop less per year. If that trend carried on then we would be back to one pit stop at every race. So we need to do something to give it an extra challenge.”

Although Pirelli had previously suggested that the construction of its tyres would remain the same for 2013, Hembery now says that changes will be made, which will impact on the cars’ aerodynamics.

“We are looking at the profiles and structures, which I think will give the greater challenge to the teams because that will influence heavily the aerodynamic performance.

“We want to change the dynamic properties of tyres. One area we have been looking at is the combined traction, which is the transition when you go from braking to putting the power down, and that is something that if we had had a lot more time to prepare, we would have done some time ago. That is something we have been looking at.”

A shake-up of the tyres for this season, with Pirelli adopting a more aggressive choice of compounds, helped produce a thrilling start to the campaign with seven different winners from the first seven races.

Hembery does not think such a situation will be repeated, however, because there is not such a radical change in car designs as there was for this season with the effective ban on blown diffusers.

“They will understand the car and the dynamics of their own car better: last year was tyres and vehicle changing at same time, which created a big challenge for everybody,” he said.

“Next year, they will know how to adjust the car to get what they want out of the tyre package. So, from that point of view, it will still be a case of learning the tyres.”

Source: Autosport F1


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