New Jersey Grand Prix organisers insist race will go ahead

Formula 1’s race on the streets of New Jersey will go ahead, say organisers, despite doubts about its contract and state of readiness.

The Grand Prix of America has been handed a June 16 slot on the 2013 calendar that is ‘subject to confirmation’ by the FIA, after F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone suggested that parts of its contract had not been met by race chiefs.

But race promoter Leo Hindery has moved to alleviate fears about the race. He insists contractual matters will be sorted and the infrastructure will be ready in time.

“We will be racing,” he was quoted as saying by the Bloomberg news agency.

“We don’t have existing, fixed facilities that can be inspected today, so when he [Ecclestone] says we’re subject to review, we’ll be subject to review until the race date just because of the nature of a street course racing for the first time.”

It is understood that Ecclestone has travelled to New York this week to meet race organisers and push on with the event, which is set to be the second race in the United States.

And Hindery made it clear that there was little his team could do to prove its state of readiness before the race takes place, because the grand prix was being held on a street circuit.

“Every first-year race is problematic until it isn’t,” he said. “We still have a few pieces to put together, but the sport’s now behind us and we’re thrilled to be on the calendar.”

Source: Autosport F1

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