Webber: “the position is not very important”

Mark Webber says Red Bull is hoping the Singapore Grand Prix will see “a bit of a reset” in terms of competitiveness up and down the field.

“It’s probably fair to say we’re going to go back to a wing configuration that we’re going to do the majority of the remainder of the season on,”  Webber said.
“Obviously it would probably be panic stations if we had to finish the season on Spa and Monza levels but fortunately we don’t, so we’ll have a bit of a reset potentially on how things will be in terms of the pecking order, which we would certainly like. How much of that will change around remains to be seen, and also this track is very different to Korea as well; yes we’re on very similar wing levels but it’s going to be very different in terms of ambient conditions and specific track requirements so let’s see how they go on the high downforce stuff and see who’s quick.”

Webber also said that Red Bull was looking forward to the challenge of having to try and claw back the deficit to Fernando Alonso in the drivers’ championship.

“We’ve lost some points. The position is not very important because I don’t even know who’s second or third but we’re all on similar points, but the points is more of an issue; that’s what you want not getting too far out of control. It’s obvious you’re not going to have much of a championship if we finish like we have been in the last few races.
So we know we’ve got to improve, we’ve got to get back towards the front, we’ve got to qualify better, we’ve got to overall just do a better job. That’s completely in our hands and that’s something we’re all looking forward to actually.”

“The philosophy in our team is a winning mentality; it’s a very driven mentality and a high level of expectation.
So we’re sitting here like we’re at a funeral but we’re leading the constructors’ championship and we have had a few tough results but this team has got some good depth.
Look at JB a few weeks ago, things move around very fast, at the moment we’re seeing some big dips in form and big changes in team form, driver form, so I’m just happy to be racing again this weekend and we’ll see what happens.”

Source: ESPNF1

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