Williams targets titles from 2014

Williams executive director Toto Wolff believes the team can use the 2014 regulations to become title contenders once again.

New engine regulations and technical changes will see less of a crossover between the current cars and the 2014 models. The last time such a change was introduced in 2009 Brawn made the most of the opportunity to win both championships, and Wolff told ESPNF1 in an exclusive interview that the progress being made off-track should see it in a position to take advantage.

“The team has made a big step forward with the engine and with the new people coming on board – these new people have been barely there for one year – so the structure is starting to work perfectly,” Wolff said. “We’re going to continue to hire aggressively and it’s a matter of time to take the team forward.

“I think 2014 is going to be a big change in the rules and a big change in the regulations. I think we’re all gearing up for 2014 to have a very competitive package and be one of the top teams.”

When asked if Williams would be looking to win championships from that point, Wolff replied: “Yes, yes. That would be my personal target.”

Wolff had lower expectations for 2013, saying he would like to see the team be more consistently challenging for the podium and challenging the top four or five teams in the championship.

“I think the target should be realistic. Winning races is very difficult – actually it’s not, you just have to qualify in front and then it’s much easier from what we’ve analysed! I think being a regular, consistent points-scorer between the podium and sixth place, having podiums, being recognised as one of the good teams, this would be the step forward next year. Finishing in the top five of the championship, maybe top four of the championship, would be something we would be targeting.”


Source: ESPN F1


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