Paul Di Resta signs new manager


Paul di Resta has confirmed that he has signed a new management contract after ending the relationship with his previous manager ahead of the British Grand Prix.

The Scot split with former manager Anthony Hamilton, father of Lewis, in the build-up to the Silverstone race. Since then the 26-year-old has been guided by Goddard’s Sports Partnership, the same firm which looks after Jenson Button.

Di Resta confirmed in a statement released over the weekend that he has now signed on with the form. “They’ve been assisting me in a purely advisory capacity, whilst I’ve been making my decision,” he said. “Based on how that’s gone and having seen what they’ve achieved with other clients, in and out of the sport of F1, it became clear that it was the right way to go.”

The split between di Resta and Hamilton came as a shock when it was announced in July, with some speculation Hamilton is now seeking redress for loss of earnings and early termination of the contract.


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