Felipe Massa on his way to make a record

Felipe Massa, has become Ferrari’s number two driver ever since the 2010 German Grand Prix. His form since then till the late second half of the 2012 season seemed worrying, casting doubts over his future beyond 2012 with Ferrari and Formula 1.

But his determination and hard work ever since the 2012 United States Grand Prix things have been working in favour. He has out-qualified his teammate Fernando Alonso in qualifying since then, but has out-qualified in race trim only once (in the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix).

If Felipe Massa out-qualifies his teammate Fernando Alonso in China, it will be a new record as he will do it for the fifth time in a row, this feat couldn’t be achieved even by Fernando Alonso’s then rival Lewis Hamilton in 2007.

Felipe Massa has received a pat on the back from the team management for the performance he has shown, two points finishes sees him sitting four points, and one place, above his team-mate in the early season standings, and his form could yet give Ferrari a headache it could not have imagined at the times last season when it was considering axing its ‘number two’.


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